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Cafferty File


Cafferty File,  December 11th, 2009:
A stabilized world population well below 2050’s possible nine billion (if we don’t address the ongoing human population explosion) is essential to preserving the global environment and ensuring a decent future for all.  Call it the “population CO2nnection.” 
The good news is that a vastly reduced rate of population growth can be achieved if the wealthy nations divert money from stupidities like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and invest war’s trillions in the education of girls and empowerment of women worldwide. 
Meanwhile, give credit to China for its one-child policy that has trimmed its growth over the past 30 years by one-third more than the current population of the United States.  A one-child policy for the world — and robust carbon reductions — are needed to avoid Hellhole Earth by mid-century!
Gregory Wright
Sherman Oaks, California  /  (818) 784-0325

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