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Andy Serwer’s “The Decade from Hell” (Dec. 7) barely mentions the greatest failure of this first decade of the third millennium:

Progressive Friends:
 A pair of letters I’ve sent (separately) to Time magazine re their current cover story, “The Decade from Hell.”
   If of interest….   Greg
Time Magazine
Andy Serwer’s “The Decade from Hell” (Dec. 7) barely mentions the greatest failure of this first decade of the third millennium: 
the world’s and particularly the United States’s to get serious about greenhouse gas emissions and the looming threat of climate change.  Long after the Iraq War is just another in a long list of U.S. wars in the late 20th and, apparently, early 21st centuries, the waste of the past ten years in initiating — and indeed of the wasted symbology of a new millennium in inspiring — a serious commitment to climate action by the people, corporations and government of the world’s greatest carbon polluter will be seen as the main reason many other, future decades will be much more hellish, here and around the world.
Unless, I hope, we start truly decarbonizing our personal and collective lives now.  But the dIstRAQtion of Iraq is morphing into that of Afghanistan.  On the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, no less.

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