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Intense conflict in Isfahan

درگیری شدید در اصفهان

Intense conflict in Isfahan
Security forces with batons, tear gas and pepper gas to the people mourning attacked

Green movement path (Jrs): in dealing with mourning and lamentation Hosseini Drasfhan Ayatollah Montazeri, Hossein Abad Isfahan yesterday neighborhood scenes, and plainclothes conflict with the special unit was mourning.

Security forces with batons, tear gas and pepper gas and attacked the people mourning Azam Mosque Hossein Abad, the main base of Isfahan during the revolutionary forces against the Shah regime closed the New Academic religious mourning and that the traditional This mosque came together prevented.

Been reports of at least twenty people arrested in Isfahan conflict confirms Amrvzsr Isfahan.

According to flower site, the security entrance to the neighborhood routes Hossein Abad Isfahan to block traffic from some religious Academic prevented in this neighborhood.

The home and office security Ayatollah Taheri also were completely surrounded.

Day online, quoting the report is objective Shadan: PM This was commonly Ayatollah Taheri, who after Maghrib and Esha are Azam Mosque. We also Aftadym way toward the mosque and when we reached, some officers scattered around the mosque were present. However, many people close to 7:30 hours in the mosque and gathered as much of the program and mourning during the weeper mosque mosque was started to give out Sharmrg to the dictator. Ten minutes passed the officers to raid the mosque and said the mosque or holders essentially turned off and the mosque loudspeaker to evacuate or to do so will we. The mosque authorities to prevent conflict in the mosque first part of men discharged and then create a human chain to head Mosque Street, the convoy that they harm women and Nbynnd officers closed the door and around the mosque siege to the mosque.

The witness said: the people gathered in front of mosque and started to give the slogan that suddenly people attacked officers brought with stones, batons, mace, tear gas and pepper spray people went to John. Population of agents in the brutal attack on the street, Hossein Abad Ali Abad and neighborhood streets were broadcast range of military conflict grew and the people throwing the stones were the agents of the answer, but throw some tear gas agents who were together to the spread and who were isolated in the intensity were beaten and beaten head mounted minibus that was Park Avenue Azam Mosque were.

According to this witness, the number of agents are added regularly and when fired tear gas as people forced to flee were running and populated Pashyd also, the severity of beatings and the number of detainees was a lot.

According to this witness: In the meantime many people were beaten to the home place and took refuge in many homes, the doors of their garage and yard were left open when U.S. officials, people take refuge in their homes is about 9 the space was severely inflamed, but the amount was reduced conflict and population were slowly dispersed. But now much of the 10th Street mosque and all of alley leading to it was closed by agents throughout Hossein Abad and army, full of troops and uniformed guard was special.

Simultaneous reports from Isfahan has indicated is about 9:5 minutes mosques responsible law enforcement is responsible to the local mosque and opened to the votive foods for dinner Academic mourning that was before the gangrene from there take the with the consent and supervision of their officers, were allowed, foods packed out and one of the city must send disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The report adds: When transferring food from the mosque Kamyvnty was present, the military application of these foods have a votive and plainclothes officers of the Special Guard is the place to be this intense opposition mosque been responsible is.

This report conflict Chahar Bagh Street, also has a story of martyrs and space in the city of Isfahan, reported the severity of security and even the side streets, filled with military officers and is.

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