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Tony Snow

Mr. Tony Snow

There are people whose life touch me profoundly. Tony Snow was such a person. I wrote a speech for my college graduating class, and the words were inspired by Tony’s 118th Annual Commencement Address for the Catholic University of America at Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception on May 12, 2007: Reason, Faith, Vocation. When Tony passed away on July 12, 2008, I cried…I cried for our loss. I thanked god for his example of how to live life: respectful, courageous, positive, loving, and a friend to all. My prayers remain with his family.

I wasn’t able to find video of that speech, but I found this one if you would like to see Tony in action.

CPAC Speech February 9, 2008

Tony Snow Speech CAP – April 29, 2008

OK – this is just funny!

Tony Snow On Saying You Are Sorry

Tony Snow Knocking Them Out Of The Park


Tony Snow Plays The Blues

Tony announces he has stage 4 cancer:

Tony Snow Remembered

A dictionary look at his name:

Tony: Marked by an elegant or exclusive manner or quality

Snow: To make an overwhelming impression on

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