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Religious Ground

A response to a religious conversation – I only received permission from one party so I will just post that until I hear otherwise.   

I said all this celebration is not religious I did not mean the origin of it is not religious. We all know what Christmas is all about.
My sons ask me to have Christmas tree every year. I do not teach any religion or not being religious to them. I never teach them any abstract matter that they do not have any clue at young ages. We do not talk about religion or Communist or politics with our kids at all. We believe kids should be away from all those and let them found out by themselves when they get older. When they are in certain age like 19 they can choose themselves if they want religion or not. Despite that my younger son when he was 6 he used to discuss with his Muslim and christian friends in rejecting god and religions. We never did allow ourselves to say even one word about that. I even defended the other kids which they were about to cry after my son was very firmly denying god and religions. Those kids though some of their living being would be in danger when my some rejected all those brainwashing those kids’ parents had on them. But he is the one who asks me every year to have Christmas tree. He is now 14 and if he read this letter would say ” who cares what origin of this is but lets party and be happy and get us Christmas present”. And we do it just because we know happiness is universal for human being and why should we make him separated from all others.
So, I actually reject this letter to be in our site strongly. Just because children have no religion and we have no right to oppose any of it with name of “Children Voice in Iran”.
I do not want to bring up discussion during this happy occasion but asking  just to give out a letter that purely congratulate New Year and wish happiness for all children and people of our world without respect of religion or any ethnical groupings.
Human happiness is universal so lets not ruin it with all sectarian grouping!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to every body
It does not matter for me at all to post it. Please feel free from my part.
I actually like to have as much  discussion as possible about this matter. Our world has become too much of religion feeding people to calm them down.  Political turmoil is every where just because short coming people feel in their lives should be pressed some way. We can not and shall not ignore this intervention of capitalist world to people private life just to give them legitimization to survive with damping all freedom of expression. Religion belongs to private life not public but when they make it more important than bread on peoples’ table we can not become quit at all. We should be outspoken and even as a religious person keep it separated from state and politics. We are fed up with all religions and ethical differences that have made our world to this explosive point and disaster. We can not have any peace till we get their dirty hand off from peoples’ life. George Bush when he become president frankly said there is no hope and pictured our future with wars and all disastrous conflict all over world. we saw what happened and got fed up with all of that. We reject that and Obama came along to change our humor towards their states and gave us hope for peace and harmony in our world. We all know all that  are not possible just because not a bit previous policy has changed. Both promoted religion in states and laws. We should bring humanity in politics to get rid off politics once for all. We can not let our lives and future be on the hand of those politician and  away from humanity any more. Doing that we have to put all human problem on the table and be as sincere and courage as possible to solve it. We have no way getting around our problem without direct discussion  and unconditional freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can not be one bit harmed just because some body belive in fairy tales. All individual can belive as much to any fairy tale as possible but they can not make them public and inside people lives through states and laws. Especially Children have to be unharmed in their dirty mischief.
Heather writes:
Thank you M,
I do not want to post the latest thing you just wrote either without your permission….because once again, this is what I long for, is discussion! 
Before I ask a second time for your understanding of my blog and why I would post, I believe I should share with you some of my own experiences.
I lived on a 5 acre piece of property. 3 acres were grape vineyards, the rest was a pond my father built, an old wine factory, and an old home. 
When my father went to work locally, he was an artist. He could create the most beautiful additions to small cabins, or cabinets for ones homes. 
One day, I saw the IRS come, and asked, “How are you feeding your family?”
They found out he was doing a side job to feed his 3 children
and we all suffered after that day.
We grew everything, and canned, or made jelly, juice and wine. We made our own pickles, and had to scrap off the salt every day. We grew our own mustard and wrapped it around our hotdogs.
One day, my father had to kill some chickens so we could eat them. I sat in the front of the house looking at the sky and I saw an opening in the clouds. I wrote in my “Super Secret Diary…DO NOT READ” that I saw the headless chickens flying through the opening of the sky.
Well, with all parents, if you write “Super Secret Diary …DO NOT READ” They read it.
So my mother read it and asked my father…..what should we do? Should we send her to church? I was probably between 12-14 at the time. 
My father said, “No, let her find her own way.”
Introducing; My dry sense of Humor
I was inspired!
M responds:
Good to make any fantasy out of religion. It helps your spirit. But for those who live in religious state it kills any fantasy you might have instead. Interest thing about it is that people used to be blamed for all that. They used to say that it is Iranian culture what  we  can do about it from far in  America. They did not know all that was created by USA mischief in first place. Any way I do not go on politics  again. I forgot that some people like science fiction instead than our real world with its real things to be happy or sad about them. By the way Dear Heather you like science fiction. I have a question for you. Can you answer that to me? Why in all science fiction movies, all things can be made as fantasy but not the real social relationships in it. If you are pay attention you will see not any capitalist values are touched there. I never heard they ever been any science fiction  movie that people could live without wars and killings in harmony or competitions and greeds. Is their fantasy stop there when it comes to interest of  capitalist system?  make all its social values and order as a constant and never can be changed even in the most fanciful movie maker.In that case  do you not think most science movies sucks?!
Any way you can post any of my writing. You can even correct my bad english to look little bit more readable.
By the way you talked abut your past. I tell you little of mine, which shorten up in one sentence. When I was coming to western world at age of 18 my father said to me:  “I am fucked up and know that I did not do a good job to bring you up the way you deserved it, so just go to another world and find the best you can find for yourself. 
In another words he said the same thing to me  as your father said to you. What he told me makes me believe that human nature is good and it is just we learned different since our childhood which create all disastrous in our lifes. All those exploitive system through human history needed all those be learned by us to accept those as fact and our nature so their system could continue to exist. So, why not be of little change and be more active with our group and be happy and sad with our real things and be upset of each other  and be still  with each other in work and endurance for our human being belief like  me and “Other letter writer” with two different beliefs.
Heather responds:
We have to make a deal here: all communications from you I want to post. Not because I want to “expose you” in any way, but because I understand your logic.
Second Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
It is the only movie that was made in Hollywood where the bad guys won.
Did that answer you question?
If not, you must enlighten me!
PS I would fix your spellings, but not your message 🙂
Dear Heather,
I know now the reason to be fond of star wars is that it relates some thing with family problem.
Ok. You have much problem with family and are still obsessed with it just because you did not get the right feedback as child from your family. I know that is hard and not a joke at all.
I am here referring to some social problem which one child not getting  appropriate attention from her family is just part of the problem not the answer itself of my question.
I put my question in simpler way: Why Mr. George Lucas do not make film in a way that all social relation are different from what we have now? Like one world that there is no father and mother have direct responsibility of children bringing up? And all children are garanteed security in society just to be a member of that? Does that not go in their fantasi to make movie? George Lucas answered once to question why he made that movie like this: ” we just wanted make a movie so all people would have some thing  to relate to themselves” All have some disagreement with their father.
Why he could not be thinking of making a movie that little bit our fantasy would be towards a world without private property so family would not have any role in people life?
Do not answer right away. Please think of it. It can be a take home exam. Work on it for the next time.
By for now keep warm,
Dear M
If I am allowed by your correspondence to share your blog and who you are I would be most humbled. Thank you for allowing me the time and space to contemplate your words. I am here now, present to the moment you discuss. I would love to continue the discussion.

Am I my brother’s keeper? Genesis 4:9  

This may be one of the most well-known bible quotes, and many people may not even know it is biblical in origin. I love this quote, because everyone reads it differently when it isn’t in context. Does it ask if I have a responsibility to my fellow man? Or, does it ask if I should rule and guide people around me? It is interesting to me, because in context, it takes on another layer of meaning, also one that can have differing interpretations.   

The story, is that of Cain and Abel. Cain had just murdered Abel out of jealousy for God’s approval. This is the first murder, a significant biblical story. God asks Cain where Abel is, and Cain lies to God saying, “I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?”. Volumes have been written on the significance of this. For me, I read this meaning that Cain has just sinned against God, his family, and fellow man. He asks the question as if to elicit the response of “No”, thereby distancing him from Abel. In my reading, the idea that we want to not be our brothers’ keepers in order to distance ourselves from them is more significant than whether we in fact are their “keepers”. When the question is in context and does not elicit a “Yes” response, it is more significantly, in my opinion, saying that to be apathetic is a sin in itself.   (AW)   

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.   

The Title to this post is my favorite quote in the bible. As usual I like to look things up for you. Guess what I just found out! This quote was later added! So then I guess it doesn’t REALLY count as my favorite quote in the bible, if it wasn’t in the original writing? MMMM….I have to think about that. Read for yourself!
Luke 23:34 (New King James Version)
34 Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”[a]
And they divided His garments and cast lots.
a.Luke 23:34 NU-Text brackets the first sentence as a later addition.   

I know we fight over religion and politics, yet I am going to include religion within this political discussion. I am only choosing this because I thought it was an interesting concept for contemplation.   

Acts 15:1-2   

Some men came down from Judea to Antioch and were teaching the brothers: “Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved.” This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them. So Paul and Barnabas were appointed, along with some other believers, to go up to Jerusalem to see the apostles and elders about this question.   

The Jewish apostles of Jerusalem were faced with the dilemma of a Gentile church in Antioch. To see Christianity beyond Judaism was a hard thing for the first Christians. Yet this seems to be a pattern: when there is a new manifestation of God’s power some of the greatest opposition comes from the LAST manifestation of God’s power. Jerusalem thought they were the center of God’s power until Antioch challenged their need for control. Fortunately for us, they passed the test. The real question is: Will we pass it as well?
Today’s Commentary by:
David Whitehead, Pastor, Grace NYC   

Ethnoreligious Distribution

Ethnoreligious Distribution

Submit your favorite religious quotes, poems, feelings, thoughts!   

I would love to receive your favorite religious sayings (from any religion in the world, or in your mind) and tell us why. I will post your responses without edit. 

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