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Sustainable Bellingham 5th Annual Seed Swap

January 6, 2013


I’m preparing lots of hummus for the event!

Join me at the Sustainable Bellingham’s 5th Annual Bellingham Community Seed-Swap!
“Getting Seeds Into the Hands of the People”

Open to the Public -No Fee -Donations accepted! GMO Free Event!
1:00 Doors Open
1:15 Opening Circle & Swap Etiquette
1:30 Swapping Seeds & Sharing Stories
2:00 “Basic Seed Saving” talk by Celt Schira
4:30 Swap Ends & Clean Up

*. People with Heirloom Seeds, Packaged Seeds, Edible Tubers& Seed Potatoes To Share
*. People without seeds who want seeds to grow & save welcomed!
*Label Your Seeds & Bring Extra Envelopes to Share*
( No Genetically Modified Seeds !)

Sustainable Bellingham – Center for Local Self-Reliance – Earthcare Garden Designs – Majestic – Forest Gardens – Community Food Coop & more!

Light refreshments will be provided & Finger Foods Welcomed.
Join our Volunteer Team to set up, take down, assist with promotion & planning!
Volunteers needed: email
For info, to donate, or to sponsor, please email

-or see
Sustainable Bellingham

Fat Kid Rules The World Movie Review

May 20, 2012

I attended the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and watched the presentation of Fat Kid Rules The World.

Matthew Lillard kicked off the movie by getting up on stage and expressing his gratitude  and instead of taking on his Director and Producing credit, he said, “This is our movie.”He asked those in the audience to raise their hand if they were involved with the production and I could see various hands scattered throughout the venue.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the film production. This was more than just another indy film by an actor turned first time director, this film had a quality to the look and feel that was exciting.

This is a very unique film that you have to see for yourself, so I’m not going to give anything away in order not to spoil it for you. I thought it was going to be more of a punk genre movie that I would have to relate to from my high school years, but I walked out of the threatre realizing this film relates to all of us on a deeper level, and you certainly do not have to be a punk music fan or teenager to appreciate the story.

Matthew Lillard told us how he picked up the novel by KL Going “Fat Kid Rules The World” nine years ago, and ever since then this film has been in the making. He said that he was that kid, and that getting into drama in high school was the “punk rock” that saved his life.

The story begins with Troy Billings (Jacob Wysocki). A fat kid who has become suicidal and in his attempt to kill himself by walking in front of a bus is saved by Marcus (Matt O’Leary) a high school drop out, and chemically dependent punk rock musician and street kid. The two unlikely characters become friends, and you quickly realize they both share one thing in common, and that is self destructive behavior trying to cope with the world around them.

The film flashes into the fantasy mind of Troy Billings, and surprises the audience with scenes we can all relate to when we let our imagination run wild. The audience laughs during these cutaways with delight and enthusiasm. We all relate to this off the wall “what if” thinking.

The actors picked are amazing choices. They all deliver with believability and relatedness. The role of Troy’s father (Billy Campbell) was another character delivery that was spot on. He played a tough marine turned security guard, and as often as you expected one response from him to his son’s antics and new found friend, you got a guy who was an example of what being a good father and a good person is all about.

There are many great scenes in this movie that deals with relationship issues of all kinds. Troy’s heart to heart talk with his younger brother Dayle – played by the actor Dylan Arnold is another point in the movie to pay close attention to.

After the show Matthew Lillard returned to the stage to take questions and one of them was how did the film get Billy Campbell as the role of the father. Matthew spoke of the films limited budget, and how he was preparing his lines to play the part of the dad, when a local agent friend of his said Billy had just wrapped up a movie and was available. He said he called Billy and even after Billy happily accepted the role, he found himself still begging him to play the part. Matthew thought that if he had played the role it would have been the worsts mistake he had made, and then he followed up with, “I think that is the meanest thing I have ever said to myself.”

It’s this sense of humor and direction that made this film amazing, but Matthew still didn’t take credit. He said he would come up with an idea and his advisers on the set would run with it taking scenes to places he could never have imagined.

Matthew had invited up everyone to the stage who worked on the film and the audience had so much fun seeing all the people that were involved and there to support the project. A special thanks went to Rick Rosenthal for having the vision to produce a movie about a fat kid.

In the end, Matthew told the audience not to get too excited, because next he would be asking for money. I don’t think anyone in the audience took offense.

They just landed a deal with TUGG, this is an opportunity for a group of 20 people or more to request to see a film on demand at the movie theater in your area.

Fat Kid Rules The World is also going on the WARP Tour, bringing the movie to every location the WARP Tour will be performing.

They are also doing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for distribution to bring the film to a city near you.

I not only suggest you see this film, but you become a part of it, and help make it happen.

Check out TUGG, and their Kickstarter Campaign. If you don’t have the means to donate, you can help by getting the word out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and send out some Tweets and posts in support of this amazing film.

After the presentation was over, the audience was meeting and greeting with Matthew, the actors and production crew. I walked up to Rick Rosenthal to tell him how much I loved the film, was very surprised at how good it was, and it was so much deeper on so many levels that I didn’t expect. He responded very passionately and simply, “It’s a story of a fat kid, but we’re all that fat kid in high school, even if we are the skinny kid, even if we were the jock, we all can identify with the same struggles.”

An update: As of today the Kickstarter campaign has reached their $150,000 goal, with 59 hours left! That means this film will be coming to select theaters across the country, with the support and love of the fans of the movie. Make sure you go see this movie as soon as you get the chance! Fat Kid Rules the World Rocks!

Search for Sofia – FOUND

January 20, 2012

The power of Facebook Fan Pages and the internet. Sofia was found on Feb. 24, 2012, thank god to and for all.

We are searching for Sofia Nichole Guillen.

Date of Birth: Jan. 17, 2002, beloved, daughter, niece and granddaughter. She was abducted by her mother Chantale Adriana Guillen, Date of Birth: Sept. 26, 1983, the day before a custody ruling was to be handed down. The outcome, granting Jonathan Pirkl full or joint custody was not to her liking, so she fled the country with Sofia. Jonathan has been scouring the globe for his daughter ever since. Chantale’s family; mother Adriana A De Guillen, father Rodolfo Piza Guillen, sister Valeria Guillen and other family members have stonewalled all efforts from attorneys, investigators and private I’s to gain information into Sofia’s whereabouts. The court closed the case against Chantale in late 2005 believing she had fled the country as the trail had gone cold.

We believe she is once again living in the States and possibly remarried with another child. Thanks to one person’s diligent work we now know Chantale has lived, in the time since in: Bloomington, Illinois, Glendale Heights, Illinois and keeps a P.O. Box in Riverview, Florida where she once resided with her parents on Brant Tree Drive. She has also lived under many aliases; Chantale J Guillen, Chantale A Guillen, Chantale Guillen Alarcon, Chantale Guillenalarcon, Chantale Alarcon, Chantale Adriana Guillen Alarcon, and Chantale Adriana.

Stripping Jonathan of his rights as a parent was a sad, spiteful, cruel and thoughtless action. No one has the right to do what was done to both Jonathan and Sofia. Sofia needs to know Jonathan has never stopped searching for her, loving her and not a day goes by that she is not in his thoughts. Until she is found and reunited with her father and family January 17th will continue to be the saddest day of the year. Dreams, experiences, memories and joy passed that can never be recovered. She has a father that loves her, aunts and uncles that love her, a grandmother that loves her and we will not stop until we find her.

Please help. You can msg the inbox here or send a PM to

Thank you so much. Repost.

A message from Jonathan Pirkl:
I just want to get this out there in case is lands in front of my daughters mother, Chantale Guillen or Chantale Meier (married name). First thing is first… I am NOT here to take Sofia away from you, that was never my intention to begin with when I filed for parental rights. What I wanted was simple and fair… I only wanted to be able to take my baby home even if for only a short time, to meet her family,to carry her on my shoulders through the parks, to read to her at night, or just to build sand castles on the beach… I just wanted to do the simple things every father is put here to do… I just wanted the chance to know her. I have spent many years with this bottled up, eating me alive. I do not wish to take her away from you. That would only hurt my chances of building a relationship with Sofia. I realize as a young man and even throughout my life I have made mistakes, but I believe that does not warrant being robbed of a relationship with my own flesh and blood. I am not angry anymore. I am looking for you to search within your heart and allow OUR child to know the rest of her real family. There is no reason to keep things the way they are. We can fix this together. To everyone who has been so kind with the help, thoughts and prayers… I am truly overwhelmed. It means more than I could ever possibly explain. God Bless.


Jonathan Pirkl

B Squared NYC Design & Quick Printing

January 4, 2012

Did you know B Squared are the go to design and printing firm in NYC for The Apprentice & the Celebrity Apprentice for the last 8 years! Call to find out how B Squared treats all their customers like stars.

B Squared knows that to effectively communicate your message, they need to create a visually appealing and lasting impression that truly reflects your organization’s mission, personality and values.

B Squared‘s proven in-house graphic design team has the vision and talent to work across every communication medium and industry. Whether you are looking to develop a new look and feel, implement your existing brand or set up files for print, the B Squared team can provide the creative services to help you clearly — and easily — communicate your message. B Squared is a solution provider from the beginning of a project, and help with concept of design, printing, fulfillment and cross the finish line with you to the end of the mailing stages.

Some of B Squared‘s large projects include conferences, annual investor meetings, where they get with event planners one year in advance and even help to set up and run the meeting. B Squared does everything from business presentations, name badges, poster banners, data mail merge for books, and create the look and feel of the event. All the printing and services are to help the event planner. Design, marketing pieces, digital printing or continual, B Squared helps you to figure out the economies of scale, over all use of product, and low per cost unit pieces.

At B Squared, they work with internal marketing departments, and help keep everyone from being overwhelmed with their events. The question is, what is your events backup plan? What happens when you need 200 books in 24 hours and your printing services fail? B Squared is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. B Squared guarantees your high quality product delivered.

No matter how big or small the job is, it is truly the philosophy of B Squared to treat each customer as family. B Squared is committed to help each customer find a solution,even if it is to help them find someone else who has the answer to fit their needs.

Quality is number one. Turn-around time is 100%. Contact B Squared to learn more about how their graphic design team can work as an effective extension of your marketing team.

Logo Design & Guidelines
Stationery & Support Collateral
Marketing & Sales Materials
Event & Trade Show Materials

Ask for the owner Tim Boucher:
B Squared
104 West 29th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone (212) 777-2044 Fax (212) 777-4655

Cutest Newborn

December 5, 2011

OK, I’m biased. Here’s a new addition to our family … meet Juliet!

Kelli Linville wins Bellingham Mayors Race

November 29, 2011

Kelli just posted on Facebook:
Friends and supporters, after a long few weeks of waiting for all of the ballots to be counted, today the final results were certified and I am happy to finally say that I have been officially elected the next mayor of Bellingham. Thanks to everyone who has given their support in this past month and in the months leading up to the election. Next steps include working on a transition plan in the next several weeks before taking office at the beginning of January. I’ll keep you updated as we move forward into this exciting new chapter!


I have been a strong supporter of Kelli Linville because I keep running into her at important events! She never comes in and talks, she comes in and listens to what others have to say.

On one event I was holding “Live Peace International” I invited at the time Mayor Pike to speak and he had someone who said he would try to attend. He was one block away but never showed up.
I invited Kelli who did not RSVP but did show up and when she did she was being aired on PeaceDay.TV. She did not say one word about her mayors race, what she did was speak on peace in a very personal nature and when she left she was tearing up and said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say that.”

As soon as I find the footage I will post it!

Cheers to the honorable new Mayor of Bellingham!

Steve Jobs Final Last Words

November 6, 2011


From the Mouth of Babes…

October 31, 2011

I am surprised as I write this blog that the definition goes to the book of Matthew.

It is very clear to me that every day I must strive to be good in the moment. Whatever moment that may be. OMG…WTF…SMH…doesn’t matter…I must be the conscious one in the situation I am given.

Darn the luck.

It was the changing of the guard today. Our turn to take the girls. It is as normal of a routine as we can establish. Well, their dad is still not feeling so well; his back is out and we are both fighting a cold.

Well super dad watched the girls while I did all our laundry in 2.5 hours. Yes laundromats actually cut down time if you can afford it. I love it. My big goal is to have the budget to drop it off for them to do it. That would make them happy too. It’s great business!

After I did the super laundry run, and ran to the store to get the best of the best lunch snacks available…boy I would have been stoked to have this kind of lunch back in my day!

We came home, and they were awesome…it was time to take care of the animals and they did!

Next, we brushed Wilbur…and hung out with the llamas….who are skiddish for sure!

It’s already October…and we still have cherry tomatoes to pick…we must save the fruit and freeze it immediately. I discuss this in the greenhouse with the girls about times that are bountiful, and times that due to circumstances are not…and that is why we prepare….

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October 27, 2011

Rick Epting Foundation For the Arts

October 21, 2011
Hi, Everyone-
You are receiving this courtesy of the volunteer Board members of the Rick Epting Foundation for the Arts, a Mt. Vernon-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting the Arts in Greater Skagit County.

We want to alert you about – and ask for your help in promoting – REFA’s 6th annual benefit event taking place at Mt. Vernon’s Lincoln Theatre on Saturday, November 5th at 8pm. As always, proceeds from this year’s show will go to worthy individuals and organizations in our area’s art and music community.

TheDailyFlashWeb300wDropShadowThe Daily FlashThis year’s headliner, The Daily Flash, features a lineup of incredible musicians, each with many decades in the music business. The group receives rave critical reviews for both musicianship and for vocals.

The Daily Flash is composed of members of some of the top bands to ever come out of the Pacific NW, including…

The Kingsmen – Heart – The Driftwood Singers & ShyAnne!

You can relive the spirit of the sixties via The Daily Flash’s eclectic blend of folk, rock, Celtic and Delta swamp fusion for one night only – and at one local event only – this year’s REFA fundraiser at Mt. Vernon’s Historic Lincoln Theatre on Saturday, November 5th. To make this event affordable for all, tickets start at just $10!

SpoonshineDuo Opening the show are local favorites, Spoonshine Duo, who offer an incredible musical experience on their own. All seats reserved at $10, $15, $20 and $25. Reserve your seat now at the Lincoln’s ticket link page.

Proceeds benefit worthy/needy artists and musicians in the Greater Skagit County area. On that note, during the event we’ll be awarding grant money to individuals and/or organizations in our art/music community. If you or someone you know might qualify for a grant, grant applications are being accepted until November 1st. See the application link at

For your unwired friends: Print out 5×7 copies of our poster – perfect for putting onto a refrigerator as a reminder. To download your 5×7 copy, just click on the poster image shown below. Please help us out by printing out some extra posters to give to friends.

As for your online friends: Please forward this message on to them (remove the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page if there is one). You might also reference this email at its web address. It is online at We also have this Event on our Facebook Page, which is

In order to provide as much $$ as possible to worthy grant recipients, please help us to make sure everyone knows about REFA’s November 5th show featuring The Daily Flash and Spoonshine Duo. It’s a worthy cause and will be an outstanding night of music. See you there!

The Rick Epting Foundation Board of Directors

Steve Stolpe, President John Holmes, Vice-President
Mark Warren, Treasurer Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Secretary
Chris Terrell, Trustee Ri Hill, Consultant to the Board


This message was sent to from:

Rick Epting Foundation for the Arts | PO Box 953 | Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

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