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Obtuse Rectangles

The Case Of The White Lighter
I’m walking on a side street and heading back home Dec 11, 09 after 10:00 p.m. No one is on the street and all of a sudden a white lighter whizzes past me and hits a parked car….bang! I’m thinking it must have just dented that vehicle. I pick it up and it’s really warm, like it’s been sitting in someones hands for awhile. I look on the roof, in the windows, I even wave it in a door partially open asking if someone lost their lighter….nothing. It un-nerves me because it shows me how easy I could have just been shot and never know where my demise would come from. On the flip side, I think, “they are letting me know they are watching over me.”  I’m in a heighten state of paranoia lately, therefore I don’t want to bring anything inside or carry it on my person. I leave the lighter on the ground…..later when I pass it I kick it into the street. Now, I can’t sleep. I get up and Google “throw white lighter” and I find this: Wikipedia on White Lighter. This is where I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say, “are you kidding me?” I ran outside and found it where I had left it and picked it up and brought it inside. I don’t know, weird story though….like usual.
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