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Mother’s Day Card

On this site, it will never be what you think when you arrive. I saw someone on Twitter reading a Tarot Card randomly for the world….meet Gum Boot Sally

I interviewed her on Skype tonight and what a lovely woman! I am encouraging her to share her gift with those that are interested. Leave a comment, with your name (but it doesn’t have to be your real name). Either ask a question or tell her what portion of your life you would like her to discuss. This is going to be an open forum to share with others. We are not sure of the responses. A reading takes energy from Gum Boot Sally so to be fair to her, we will chose only one for now.

In this forum the reading is free. The concept is to share a gift with someone who may need some guidance in their life….and what the heck…..why not have a Spiritual Nurse on hand. For those who want a private reading, that can be arranged through Gum Boot Sally. In this arena, we are providing a unique service, and in all honesty, I’m curious to see how this transpires.

I think all of us have a natural ability to perceive things that we do not discuss in school, work, or among our friends, because we don’t want to be labeled as “weird” or have credibility for our words diminished.

Even if you are the hardest person to convince that there is no such thing as psychic ability, then I would ask you a couple questions.

1. Has anyone close to you ever passed away? If so, did you dream about them afterwards?

2. Do you have children? If so, do you remember them telling you “imaginary tales” when they were around 3 years old?

3. Do you think about someone close to you and then they call you minutes later?

4. Do you get a strange feeling that something is wrong and then find out something happened to something of yours or someone you know?

I think out of those questions you can remember at least one incident in your life that would make you think….mmmm….perhaps?

So this is how this page is going to work. You submit a name (fake name is OK), a subject (love, work, purpose), or a direct question. Gum Boot Sally is going to do what she does and write you a response on the site. If you get chosen, then you will be alerted to her response and then you will need to write back to her your thoughts on what she writes. Your response is critical to this process. You must give us all the feedback on what it was she wrote for you, and remember, it is in an open forum for all to see. Therefore, you must do what makes you comfortable to share who you are. Your reaction will not be edited. This is a forum of discussion. If you do not want to leave your comment on the site….you can e mail me at and I will pass on the name and question and post it as you wish it to be viewed by others. Remember, your only obligation is to respond to her reading.

Looking forward to your participation!

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