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This dream was a weird one.

My friend came home after being told she lost her job. This was so other people could be put in place that were more in line with the “thinking”.

Other people came over, and we all were trying to figure out what to do. With her resume, surely there would be a demand for her.

Then it hit on the news, Israel was going to impose 2000 years of a stop to work.

Then there was a hispanic gang – and someone did something they shouldn’t have and handed one of the the spotters money.

I was now with someone else, an unknown girl who I was following. We found out Israel alerted the world. They would not work for 1000 years.

Every one was running, but few knew which direction to go. The girl said to me, see there is a temporary path (like someone dragged their foot through the dirt) and she said follow that…..and I did…..while I was thinking, with Israel not working, the world economy is going to collapse.

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