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Gratitude Saturday

What am I to honor?
Understanding Gratitude

Heather’s Gratitude

It’s not Saturday, but I saw someone was reading what I was grateful for, and I was thinking it was time to update. My life has gone from looking for things to be grateful for to just being grateful every day!

1. Home near my family.

2. With the love of my life.

3. Developing my own business with the love of my life.

4. Have beautiful children in my life.

5. Graduating from college with a 4.0

6. Completing Landmark education and loving it.

7. Have great friends who have stood by my side.

8. Have fantastic health.

9. Love all those around me even if they don’t.

10. I’m alive!

December 12, 2009

1. I am grateful I saw my family at Thanksgiving.

2. I am grateful I moved home safely and able to live with the Judge too.

3. I am grateful I am with my dogs and they are happy.

4. I am grateful I am in appeal to return to college soon.

5. I am grateful I have met so many wonderful people through this experience and have something important to work on….Sea of Green.

6. I am grateful my friend Heather came over with two large garbage bags of brand new clothes she bought and never wore and just gave them to me. I couldn’t bring home all my stuff and only traveled with 1 bag. That was really amazing. All I owned were suits and she brought over all new jeans and perfect shirts and sweaters for school. I can’t believe it.


1. I am grateful Amarie not only found my ad but also joined forces and is enthusiastic in the work!
2. I am grateful the news organizations stood up for freedom of the press when Fox News was being excluded from the White House pool interview.
3. I am grateful my brother is being cool.
4. I am grateful my husband is always there for me, despite our time and distance apart.
5. I am grateful I have this blog and your interest keeping me inspired and energized to do my best.

If you follow my writing – I usually change the common words to uncommon, in order for you to think about what I am saying to you. It’s fun, and I often use the wrong words so I can say, “I meant that” (Just kidding).

I was on the Twitter Site of this month’s Distinctive Tweet award JSLeFanu and he was practicing his Gratitude Saturday….once again, all props to you and thanks for the idea!

Now to think about Gratitude and what I am grateful for this week?

What in my life should I honor?

1. I learned a valuable lesson this week. I was upset with someone who accused me of Spamming and posted it on the site I was placing the information I had to help the Iranian people. I was so mad because I had just Twittered this site and was expecting people who cared to go since I had just updated it. I was upset they would see the post from the moderator that I was spamming, and I didn’t want them  disheartened. I also do not cross promote the two sites, because I wanted the information  pure, and not as a way to generate readers to my site. If they want to find my blog, they will find it on their own. Well, I started my “campaign” and I went straight at him. I realized…..Oh my god, I am not being peaceful. I am being hostile. I am calling for Peace=Freedom and I am not practicing what I preach. I STOPPED. I apologized. I thought about what I had done, and I realize disappointment comes with the territory when I work on issues that are so complex, but I have to figure out what hill to die on. That was not the hill. I was not a good representative of my own values. I caught myself, and I am not saying I won’t do it again, because I may decide the cause is worth it, but I learned that I am responsible for the words I write, the things I believe, and I must put them into practice in my life and be an example, not a hypocrite. I also learned that my posts are too long and people lose interest in them and I should provide links to the information I want to share. I’m sure on a marketing/commercial level Sugar is absolutely right, and I should follow the rules when I go to C&H.

2. I am extremely grateful to the people who send me direct messages, @livingdocuments, IM, e-mail, and comment on this blog and other sources such as Twitter. I am absolutely humbled by your support and extension of friendship and pursuit of common goals. I am overwhelmed with the feeling of connection to you and support. This communication has kept my attention to do as much work as I can figure out how to in the hours of the day I have, and gives me the energy to plow through the work. I hope I can increase speed, but I’m still learning the technical issues now.

3. I am grateful I live in America and have the freedom to express myself politically without worrying about people who wish to silence my efforts. I am blessed with the opportunity to learn, go to college, work, and decide my fate.

4. I am grateful that my friends are always there when I need to talk to them. I am grateful that they put up with me in the good times and in the bad. I am grateful that they give me a pass when I am difficult and when I am just silly.

5. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, people who visit me, and something meaningful to write every day.

6. I am grateful that I have a computer and iPhone. I am grateful I live on earth in this moment of time, where advances in medicine and technology are rapidly released and changing the world minute by minute.

7. I am grateful that my job layed me off. I only started blogging because I wasn’t working 16 hours a day anymore, and needed to do something with myself. I never knew you were out there waiting for me. I found my purpose in life and never was even looking!

8. I am grateful that I am able to connect with people immediately, trust them, hang out, and have intellectually stimulating conversations. I love that I am able to  meet people whom I form friendships with quickly and with little or no effort. I just like good people.

9. I am grateful to meet people who share common interests and in pursuit of good deeds. I think there is more of us than not, and I’m glad I believe that.

10. I am grateful for being reminded the practice of gratefulness, and you?

Word Origin & History
1552, from obsolete adj. grate “agreeable, thankful,” from L. gratus “pleasing” (see grace). “A most unusual formation” [Weekley]. Hard to think of another case where Eng. uses -ful to make an adj. from an adj. Grateful Dead, the San Francisco rock band, took its name, according to Jerry Garcia, from a dictionary entry he saw about the folk tale motif of a wanderer who gives his last penny to pay for a corpse’s burial, then is magically aided by the spirit of the dead person. A different version of the concept is found in the Hebrew Kaddish and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper

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