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The Best House In The Whole World for Slumber Parties

August 2, 2014

Learning the Excaliber Dehydrator Economy-started the process of making fruit for the rush of children soon to come….

New Dehydrator

Meet McKenzie – this is a very good friend of McKenna


This is McKenzie’s twin sister Kelsie – we are working on some play issues


The girls all held hands and said a prayer of thanks before dinner….not sure whose idea it was but almost everyone participated.


The girls’ dad was putting in a fan during the whole event too…


After an exciting night of karaoke the girls come in regularly to see when breakfast is ready…


Meet the neighbor Nona and her granddaughter Charlotte!


Ended up that Kelly (McKenzie & Kelsie’s dad bought her van today)


 The new fan for hot summer days…and circulating heat on cold ones.



There is only one apple on the apple tree – Tenzing calls it “The Garden of Eden. “He then asks, “Should we take a bite? Or not take a bite and save the world. Or should we have the girls’ take a bite?”


Garden of Eden

Ha Ha! Kelly said, “Poppi said No fireworks!” Tenzing said, “Fireworks and rocket launches are two different things. Rockets are a hobby. They don’t explode at the top!”


The part came in to fix the lawn mower….and after some mechanical work, he’s riding already!

Jake mows

happy mowing

Most people with haying equipment don’t want to risk using it in an unknown field of dips, rocks and things unseen.

It could break it. So the guys are starting by hand.  We were looking for a trade for hay for clearing, but so far…that’s what we have learned.

The field


Kelly gets the bunk beds which helps with all the friends over. The basket on her head is because she has to go pick fruit for tonight’s pie.


McKenna’s room


Jake is still mowing while we blog…and pick berries….Tenzing is still weedwacking….


Now I must stop blogging to turn this into carrot juice and pies…



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