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Adjusting Days

August 2, 2014

The girls have been here since Wednesday and will stay till Sunday afternoon. I talked to them about life situations changing and they would be spending more time at our house and McKenna yelled, “Yay!”

Tenzing fixed the Mexican Mobile – all it needs is a radiator and will be a fully functioning operating car. He is ordering the part and will have it by the time the String Band Jamboree is over.

Mexico mobile

Nick and Lacey stopped by and said congratulations on the house!

Nick and Lacey

For now Tenzing’s office is outside in the shade. It’s been hot up here.

Tens office


Jake’s father Russ is now invited over each Tuesday for dinner, and is very happy to see his son regularly.



We have an owl that we hear “whoing … who? who?” sometimes at night.




McKenna seems to be fancy now, and is really happy to get a haircut!

McKenna haircut


Kelly finds this fascinating and now wants one too!








Hello Poppi!




Kelly is becoming such a big girl now!



Hello Poppi!




Hello again from me Poppi!


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