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New Life – New Blog Direction

July 27, 2014

I used to blog to release frustrations with my life…politics….the world in general.

OMGNowadays, I walk in miracles. I attribute it to taking chances, following my heart, letting go of attachments, and donating whatever I can when I feel called to do so, even if it eats up my time, resources, or sleep.

This is a time a friend dropped off a car, and it was super cool….

car1So we dropped everything we were doing and took a road trip!

roadtripThere is some significant people in our life I have met because I changed course and fell on the path they too were walking. One person in particular has become family and provided more than I could ever repay…although I will spend the rest of my life trying.

roadtripsSince our life has completely transformed, I want to share the moments of daily life here as a way to thank you for making this happen. You know who you are. To anyone else who is reading this blog….I’m just going to focus on the good in life. I’ve made a commitment too, that anytime I can…I will do more. That starts now.


“SlowGro” – Meet Russ – this is Jake’s dad. He is very happy that Jake is living with us now because it means that he will see his son more often. Since we have a few cars to fix, Russ came directly from his night shift to help us out for a few hours. It saved us a days worth of work!

Russ movesMeet Ava – she is our old neighbor but we are not going to lose touch. We already invited her over for a sleepover this weekend while we were moving!

AvaMeet Elspeth – she spends most summer weekends with us, and loves it, except when we try to make her eat more vegetables. She calls herself a “Pickyaterian” and we are all working on that.

ElspethKelly & Elspeth swinging in a hammock…having FUN! Jake bought it for $1.00. It’s kind of coming a part but worth every cent!

hammockMurphy really seems to be happier than the human beings.

Murphy2Jake adopted a Maine Coon cat! He came with a very matted furry back.

FredMcKenna wasn’t too afraid of the 20lb cat….and cleaned him up.

MurphyandFredMurphy thinks he is helping….








Murphyandfredoutside2Fred’s first time outside with Murphy.


Sunday morning breakfast – the girls made it all by themselves! They were pretending today was McKenna’s birthday, and threw a party!

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