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Search for Sofia – FOUND

January 20, 2012

The power of Facebook Fan Pages and the internet. Sofia was found on Feb. 24, 2012, thank god to and for all.

We are searching for Sofia Nichole Guillen.

Date of Birth: Jan. 17, 2002, beloved, daughter, niece and granddaughter. She was abducted by her mother Chantale Adriana Guillen, Date of Birth: Sept. 26, 1983, the day before a custody ruling was to be handed down. The outcome, granting Jonathan Pirkl full or joint custody was not to her liking, so she fled the country with Sofia. Jonathan has been scouring the globe for his daughter ever since. Chantale’s family; mother Adriana A De Guillen, father Rodolfo Piza Guillen, sister Valeria Guillen and other family members have stonewalled all efforts from attorneys, investigators and private I’s to gain information into Sofia’s whereabouts. The court closed the case against Chantale in late 2005 believing she had fled the country as the trail had gone cold.

We believe she is once again living in the States and possibly remarried with another child. Thanks to one person’s diligent work we now know Chantale has lived, in the time since in: Bloomington, Illinois, Glendale Heights, Illinois and keeps a P.O. Box in Riverview, Florida where she once resided with her parents on Brant Tree Drive. She has also lived under many aliases; Chantale J Guillen, Chantale A Guillen, Chantale Guillen Alarcon, Chantale Guillenalarcon, Chantale Alarcon, Chantale Adriana Guillen Alarcon, and Chantale Adriana.

Stripping Jonathan of his rights as a parent was a sad, spiteful, cruel and thoughtless action. No one has the right to do what was done to both Jonathan and Sofia. Sofia needs to know Jonathan has never stopped searching for her, loving her and not a day goes by that she is not in his thoughts. Until she is found and reunited with her father and family January 17th will continue to be the saddest day of the year. Dreams, experiences, memories and joy passed that can never be recovered. She has a father that loves her, aunts and uncles that love her, a grandmother that loves her and we will not stop until we find her.

Please help. You can msg the inbox here or send a PM to

Thank you so much. Repost.

A message from Jonathan Pirkl:
I just want to get this out there in case is lands in front of my daughters mother, Chantale Guillen or Chantale Meier (married name). First thing is first… I am NOT here to take Sofia away from you, that was never my intention to begin with when I filed for parental rights. What I wanted was simple and fair… I only wanted to be able to take my baby home even if for only a short time, to meet her family,to carry her on my shoulders through the parks, to read to her at night, or just to build sand castles on the beach… I just wanted to do the simple things every father is put here to do… I just wanted the chance to know her. I have spent many years with this bottled up, eating me alive. I do not wish to take her away from you. That would only hurt my chances of building a relationship with Sofia. I realize as a young man and even throughout my life I have made mistakes, but I believe that does not warrant being robbed of a relationship with my own flesh and blood. I am not angry anymore. I am looking for you to search within your heart and allow OUR child to know the rest of her real family. There is no reason to keep things the way they are. We can fix this together. To everyone who has been so kind with the help, thoughts and prayers… I am truly overwhelmed. It means more than I could ever possibly explain. God Bless.


Jonathan Pirkl

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