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B Squared NYC Design & Quick Printing

January 4, 2012

Did you know B Squared are the go to design and printing firm in NYC for The Apprentice & the Celebrity Apprentice for the last 8 years! Call to find out how B Squared treats all their customers like stars.

B Squared knows that to effectively communicate your message, they need to create a visually appealing and lasting impression that truly reflects your organization’s mission, personality and values.

B Squared‘s proven in-house graphic design team has the vision and talent to work across every communication medium and industry. Whether you are looking to develop a new look and feel, implement your existing brand or set up files for print, the B Squared team can provide the creative services to help you clearly — and easily — communicate your message. B Squared is a solution provider from the beginning of a project, and help with concept of design, printing, fulfillment and cross the finish line with you to the end of the mailing stages.

Some of B Squared‘s large projects include conferences, annual investor meetings, where they get with event planners one year in advance and even help to set up and run the meeting. B Squared does everything from business presentations, name badges, poster banners, data mail merge for books, and create the look and feel of the event. All the printing and services are to help the event planner. Design, marketing pieces, digital printing or continual, B Squared helps you to figure out the economies of scale, over all use of product, and low per cost unit pieces.

At B Squared, they work with internal marketing departments, and help keep everyone from being overwhelmed with their events. The question is, what is your events backup plan? What happens when you need 200 books in 24 hours and your printing services fail? B Squared is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. B Squared guarantees your high quality product delivered.

No matter how big or small the job is, it is truly the philosophy of B Squared to treat each customer as family. B Squared is committed to help each customer find a solution,even if it is to help them find someone else who has the answer to fit their needs.

Quality is number one. Turn-around time is 100%. Contact B Squared to learn more about how their graphic design team can work as an effective extension of your marketing team.

Logo Design & Guidelines
Stationery & Support Collateral
Marketing & Sales Materials
Event & Trade Show Materials

Ask for the owner Tim Boucher:
B Squared
104 West 29th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone (212) 777-2044 Fax (212) 777-4655

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