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You CAN Have It ALL!

September 28, 2011

Hey Living Document readers. I want to share this special that my friend Wenty is having. She did a lot of great work clearing things in my life that were getting in my way. If you have followed my blog you know what I am talking about! Wenty came into my life and after we did the clearings and coaching, she helped me to set up systems and now things are successful and I am doing great. She always said, “Things will get better and better, and then they will get better and better!” and they do!

So she is having a special for awhile and I wanted to share this with you! The rest of this blog is from Wenty!

Hello community!

Intuitive Success Coach/Psychic Reader Special $75/session

As an Intuitive Success Coach for the last 30 years with TV, Radio and News experience, with clients all over the world, I passionately want you to have the life of your dreams.

Are you interested in having More Money, a Mate, or Mission (perfect income stream for you)? Let’s go get it!

Your Results and Happiness are my Priority. Working together is a mix of Intuitive Guidance, Coaching (have taken over one thousand courses in education), Health and Healing.

I truly believe that you CAN Have It All!  My clients call me “Fairy Godmother”, Why not You,
too, having your heart’s desire?

Until October 16, 2011 – I am offering the folks on World Want Ads a special rate for my services – $75.00 an hour. That’s a savings of over 50% off my regular rate.

To learn more about me visit my website One With You or Connect with me on email: and we’ll get you started clearing the path and setting up the systems so you are able to realize the life of your dreams!

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