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Final 1 minute speech

August 18, 2011

Tonight is my last night in the Self Expression Leadership Program with Landmark Education, and I need to give a 1 minute speech. Since my printer isn’t working, I’m going to post it on my blog, and read it from my phone. That means you get to read it too. This program really was awesome and transformed dynamics in my life that I would never have imagined.

The possibility for my project is freedom, love and abundance. The act I’m giving up is “I’m different”, and that is who I am.

The program promised that others would relate to me from the new possibilities I have created, and not from the past. When problems arose in the past I would not be able to fix them and made others wrong. This time the people involved solved the problems and stepped up to leadership roles, owning the project as their own.

When I started this course, I was having conversations with the mother of Tenzing’s children on the drive down to class, and it was always about the past, but now we are talking about the possibilities in the future, with a listening to what each other is saying.

I was able to generate peace in the community with my project and look forward to working with the Peace & Justice Foundation on this 30 year Anniversary of Peace Day, instead of spending it like I did during the 29th year in mediation.

At the end of the project’s first day the MC came up to me saying he was so sorry for not thanking me for the event because he didn’t know who I was, and I was able to celebrate that the community did it, and told him, “That’s the way it was supposed to happen.”

Last but not least, I kept my promise to complete the course…this time!

I see myself as having the choice to align with others, but I have also learned a valuable lesson that sometimes it’s OK to just say no, and honor the time and energy I spend on what I choose to spend it on, and that is what I’m taking on next in the building of World Want Ads.

I recognize the sound of my own breakdowns, and especially the sounds of them coming from others…and I am able to ask myself, “How am I being? Then I recreate the possibility from which we all can live into.

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