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The Samish Bay Cheese Adventure

July 8, 2011

I am so grateful to live in an area that is surrounded by water, mountains, island views and organic farmland. I live and breath on Chuckanut Drive. I was the type who bought the best cheese on sale at the grocery store. I also was the type who would go into New Jersey, Patterson and find a good Arabic store selling cheese. I love cheese.

Samish Bay Cheese offers a free cheese tasting at the location: 15115 Bow Hill Road in Bow, WA. Yes, that is where I first discovered my favorite cheese in the world.

Yes, I mean that and now I will share my adventures I have had with this cheese! It is not your normal cheese story, so enjoy the journey as I did…you see…

I live in a land where neighbors are your community. Everyone here looks after one another. I am so lucky to have landed in such a vibrant, resilient and supportive community. Some of my friends believed that I would miss the city life and be bored in a small town. No way, not in this town. We have a lot of work to do, and we reach out to each other at events held at The Blanchard Community Club. I was so impressed at how people donated and bid at the last auction that I stood up at the end of the night for new business. There was a vote to be had in the community and I requested to be a board member, and to my delight was accepted!

Tenzing and I took a road trip in December to visit our friend Shaun at a party. We knew he had been sick and wanted to see him. It was before Christmas and really, seemed like a very inappropriate time to be spending money on traveling, but we went anyways, and stayed on the road for 18 days.

Well, we had returned home and heard Shaun had returned to hospice. We put some calls into Shaun but missed his return call. I told Tenzing to call him back, but we received a call from another friend, who said that he would be out of the hospital the next day, and so we waited…and waited too late, because Shaun died that day.

It was the beginning of April and we had family obligations at the time to take care of. That was Shaun’s wake and funeral. We didn’t make it. One of our friend’s told us of Ed’s speech that said we were there in spirit, and he was right. We thought of everyone and prayed for a smooth transition for all (as my friend Reverend Meredith Ann Murray taught me to pray by her responses on my Facebook page).

Memorial Day is the day that the San Felipe Group gets together…and this year it was reinvigorated…because Shaun planned his Memorial to have his ashes spread in the Sea of Cortez. In all actuality, leaving on vacation again in the middle of duties from home seemed to be an unlikely choice to make in the middle of a financial breakdown. So we went to poker and won $500.00 and were on the road to join everyone…but before we left town, we stopped at Samish Bay Cheese and picked up a few supplies for the cooler: 2 pinwheels of Queso Jalapeño, a 12 month aged cheddar and a 18 month aged Gouda. We also picked up 2 packs of their organic Spicy Sausages!

And off we went…for the next 17 days on the road…this is what happened to the food….

We ate the first pack of 4 hot sausages at my friend’s house during a get together in L.A. Then we went to the beach, specifically…San Felipe…and we shared 4 hot sausages and cheese. But I took most of one of the Jalapeno pinwheels and crumbled the cheese into the hamburger, with cayen pepper, salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes. I made enough hamburgers for 30 people and many ate more than 2! I was told this was the best hamburger they had ever had. Teague from Shantytown Music was the happiest customer.

The journey continued…we started in Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, Arizona, Vegas, Utah, Idaho, and back again. We had cheese with us the whole way! That’s the thing with good cheese, it doesn’t take a lot to make it go a long way!

This picture is us eating cheese after we left San Felipe…for the Guadalupe Canyon hot springs…

We took it to a home poker game that Tenzing & I each won…in Vegas baby!


We were blessed in every way, we were blessed to be there for Shaun, we were blessed to see our friends and family and we were blessed for having so much fun on the road.

After we left all of our stops, we were in Utah, and enjoyed the last of our cheese and crackers at the hotel before we headed home…we really fed ourselves and everyone…because when the cheese is good…you do not need much to eat.

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