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My next social media classes are in Seattle!

June 21, 2011

Special WOW Events

Social Media: Maximizing Your Opportunity Online

Please note: Date has changed!
No class on June 30th; 2nd class now held on July 5th

Tuesday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 5th 6:30 – 9:30PM
Standing Stone Healing & Arts
943 N 89th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

WOW Annual Mtg

Bring your laptop computer and have a hands on experience learning Social Media.

Join us as Heather Dalberg, brings you a new experience in social media teamwork.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the talk of social media, facebook, twitter, etc.?

Learn how to make use of these powerful tools in this two part workshop, using your computer and actually doing it yourself!

You will learn in a hands on, real time, real world workshop that will bring you results for your projects.

You will help design and implement a social media marketing strategy to build your business or community projects.

As a global social media marketing maven, Heather says, “Not all social media marketing is cookie cutter. Facebook, Twitter, Biznik, Hootsuite – these are not just a technology. They become the social media artist’s tools. To use them effectively, you must learn how to identify human and community needs then blend them with market variables, technology, trends and more. For visionaries, social entrepreneurs, activists…there are unseen and unparalleled marketing opportunities today. You must learn how to adapt the technologies to meet your personal goals, community and business needs. It is a dance.”

You will learn how to implement (from scratch) an accelerated social media marketing strategy.

  1. You will build your personal network of social media connections – and walk away with the tools, skills and a checklist to remember how and why you did it.
  2. You will be actively designing, marketing, as you authentically cross-link and cross-promote your own business or project.

In the process you will:

  • Discover the art of leverage: how and why to use different tools for different reasons.
  • Experience using the technology with network to network alliance building, article marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing.
  • Have applied the technology to help you build your own business.
  • Know how to find new trends, and uncover resources that will bring opportunities for you.
  • Learn how to intentionally build your own social media connections and following.
  • Understand how, by helping others, you help yourself and your business.

Attain fresh skills and know how to authentically cross promote yourself and others. You will be networked and linked to other movers and shakers in your field of influence. You will become known as a key player and integral to social change conversations. This will increase your exposure to real buyers of your services, and link you to networks of solid people doing real work in the world.

You will see how to get results you didn’t even know were possible.

Cost $35 each session or $55 for both.

Tuesday, June 28th ~ $35.00

Tuesday, July 5th ~ $35.00

Tuesday, June 28th & Tuesday, July 5th ~ $55.00

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