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The Best Kids Treasure Hunt Party Game

April 14, 2011

Super Treasure Hunt was developed by Tenzing Kernan for his son when he was 8 years old.  It was such a huge success and the kids had so much fun he designed it to be accessible for everyone on line.

The kids have two hours of fun deciphering the hieroglyphic code and finding the hidden clues, keys and riddles. The ultimate object of the game is to open a treasure chest, locked with the combination lock you provide. It’s a big hit every time. Customize the game clues online. The treasure hunt adventure is created. Print and follow the instructions. A great birthday party game that makes kids think!

Visit the site Super Treasure Hunt for more information.

Other parents rave about this game and the game has been played worldwide. Some parents even use a big area and put the kids on bikes to have it become an all day event. Other parents have purchased 2 games at a time for large parties and to create teams to compete against each other, or join the two games together to make it an even longer adventure for the kids.

I found another person wrote on a website for thrifty party games this:

Definitely check out (from It’s a really cool treasure hunt game that you can do for a birthday party or any party, really. You enter your information on the website, then it puts everything into code, and you print out the pages. You put in 10 clues for places around your house/yard/neighborhood, and the system tells you exactly where to put what.

It’s hard to describe it, but definitely worth checking out. I would recommend this for kids ages 6+, though I understand the company is coming out with a pictorial version for littler kids. The difficulty of the clues you enter would make it harder or easier, since each word becomes a hieroglyph that must be “translated”.

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