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27 Signs That The Nuclear Crisis In Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us

March 17, 2011

This information is courtesy of Native American Prophecy Counsel communication via Bruce:

I have received the following from several sources.
If you have already read it
please skip to the next set of #### signs.


27 Signs That The Nuclear Crisis In Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The
Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us

#1 Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is urging all people living within 30
kilometers of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear facility to stay indoors.

#2 Andre-Claude Lacoste, the head of France’s Nuclear Safety Authority, says
that the containment vessel surrounding the No. 2 reactor at Japan’s
Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex is “no longer sealed”.

#3 Radiation levels in Tokyo are already 10 times above normal levels.

#4 Reuters is reporting that some residents of Tokyo are already starting to
flee the city.

#5 Radiation levels in one city north of Tokyo, Utsunomiya, were recently
reported to be 33 times above normal levels.

#6 Radiation levels in the city of Saitama have been reported to be 40 times
above normal levels.

#7 According to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the “possibility of
further radioactive leakage is heightening.”

#8 The Japanese government is admitting that radiation levels near the
Fukushima Dai-ichi complex are very harmful to human health.

#9 According to the World Nuclear Association, exposure to over 100
millisieverts of radiation a year can lead to cancer.  At this point the
level of radiation being measured right outside the number 4 reactor at the
Fukushima Dai-ichi complex is 400 millisieverts per hour.

#10 A U.S. Navy crew that was assisting in relief efforts was exposed to a
month’s worth of nuclear radiation in just a single hour.

#11 According to the U.S. Navy, low levels of radiation have been detected
at their bases in Yokosuka and Atsugi.

#12 The USS Ronald Reagan recently detected significant levels of radiation
100 miles off the Japanese coast.

#13 The operator of the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex has pulled out 750 of the
800 workers that were working at the facility.

#14 The French embassy in Tokyo is advising French citizens to leave the

#15 The German embassy in Tokyo is advising all German citizens to leave the
country entirely.

#16 German technology company SAP is evacuating their offices in Tokyo.

#17 Austria has announced that it is moving its embassy from Tokyo to Osaka
due to fears about the radiation.

#18 Finland is urging all of their citizens to leave Tokyo.

#19 The Czech military is sending planes to Japan specifically to evacuate
the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

#20 Air China is canceling many flights to Tokyo.

#21 The Chinese Embassy has announced that it will be evacuating all Chinese
citizens from the Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Iwate prefectures.

#22 Russia is making preparations to evacuate civilians and military units
from the Kuril Islands.

#23 Physicist Frank von Hippel recently told the New York Times the
following about this disaster: “It’s way past Three Mile Island already”.

#24 The president of France’s nuclear safety authority says that this crisis
is now almost as bad as Chernobyl was….

“It’s clear we are at Level 6, that’s to say we’re at a level in between
what happened at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.”

#25 There have been reports of extremely high radiation at another nuclear
facility in Japan.  It has been reported that at the Onagawa nuclear plant
radiation that is 700 times the normal level was detected at one point.

#26 One anonymous senior nuclear industry executive told The Times Of India
that Japanese power industry managers are “basically in a full-scale panic”
and that “they don’t know what to do”.

#27 It is also being reported that there were over 600,000 spent fuel rods
stored at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex.  Most of these rods were
apparently stored near the top of the 6 reactor buildings.  There have
already been major explosions at three of those buildings.  It is now feared
that there is now nothing to prevent many of these spent fuel rods from
releasing radiation into the atmosphere.  That is really, really bad news.


When I googled –
“27 signs that the nuclear”
I got 269 web sites
that had repeated the story.

I doubt that google found anywhere
near all of them –
and the story is being told
in a multitude of different ways.
It has gone what we call ‘viral’.

If you have been reading my newsletter –
then you know what my response will be
to each of these points –
but I will give them below.

The ‘worsening situation’ –
is not what that story says it is –
but rather the panic that is ensuing.
Once again folks – STAY COOL.

Now here is my analysis –
matching item #
by matching item #

#1 That is a fact.
Actually to evacuate in the 20 mile ring
and to stay indoors
in the 20-30 mile ring.
A reasonable precaution.

#2 This may well be true –
but is not some exceptional revelation
over what is being reported.

#3 As I have repeatedly explained –
this is total nonsense –
because ten times nothing is nothing.

#4 True.
But doesn’t mean the problem is any worse
than I have been telling you.
If you think the panic here is bad –
the problem is ‘there’ –
and the Japanese have a particular
cultural radiation phobia
resulting Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

#5 Same as #3

#6 Same as #3

#7 True.
But still not quantified –
so can be same as #3

#8 This is by normal peacetime standards –
and not disaster standards –
which I will try to address
in the next newsletter.

#9 True.
But very, very misleading –
because of the way the standards are set –
and the specificity of that one single location.

#10 Same as #3.

#11 Same as #3.

#12 Same as #3.
Significant was not defined.

#13 A prudent action.

#14 A political action.
Not necessarily related to
the scientific reality.

#15 Same as #14.

#16 Same as #14.

#17 Same as #14.

#18  Same as #14.

#19  Same as #14.

#20 Can be as well explained
by technical requirements
related to the Tsunami.

#21  Same as #14.

#22  Same as #14.

#23 In between 3 Mile Island –
and Chernobyl
on the rating scale.
None killed by radiation
at 3 Mile –
and none in Japan.

#24  Same as #14.

#25  Same as #3.

#26 True.
But doesn’t describe
the reality of the situation.

#27 Wow – that is a big number.
But concern must be matched
by actuality of what is happening.

##The story above continues:

##So is there a threat that nuclear radiation from Japan could reach the
United States?

Bruce: As, I have stated –
only in insignificant amounts.

## Well, actually everyone agrees that radiation could reach the United
States.  The controversy is whether or not it will be enough to be harmful
to human health.

Bruce: True.
Those who are in panic –
versus those who have studied about radiation.

## The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is admitting that it is “quite
possible” that nuclear fallout from this disaster could reach the United
States.  In fact, Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre
says that there could already be radiation from Japan over America….

Bruce: Yes,
but that it is not in significant amounts.

## Right now it’s quite possible that there could be some radiation floating
over the United States.

Bruce: Repeat of the same point above.

## But most government officials in the U.S. are insisting that there is “no
threat” to the health of American citizens from this crisis at this point.

Bruce: Exactly.

## So how would nuclear radiation from Japan get transported to the United
States? Well, if radiation released by a damaged nuclear reactor got up into
the jet stream, the first major land mass that it would encounter would be
North America.  In fact, the jet stream commonly takes air from over Japan
directly over the west coast of the United States.

Bruce: True –
BUT this case is not from a nuclear explosion
and is not getting up into the Jet Stream
in significant amounts.

Out of space for this newsletter.
But what is the real situation –
and is there a solution?

I hope to present that –
in a next newsletter.

The situation IS WORSENING –
regarding panic in the Japan and US –
and in Bahrain –
and on the financial / monetary markets
and in regards to oil –
and many other issues.

that is not what this newsletter is about.
The purpose of this newsletter is to counteract
the irrational concerns about fallout in the US
from what is happening in Japan.

What is presented in and behind the false ’27’ story
is a theory that there is a conspiracy and cover up
to keep the truth from you.

That may well be –
but the facts remain
as I have stated them
when you analyze them.

Peace and love,

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