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Why The Seahawks Are Winners

February 10, 2011

I was celebrating our birthday with the girls’ mother Molly. She had I have birthdays relatively close to one another, but different signs…whatever that means with the new Earth wobble and all.

Molly picked the Silver Cloud Hotel by the Safeco Field Stadium in Seattle, Washington for us to stay overnight. The hotel was the nicest I have ever stayed in that area. Molly’s room had 4 people in a suite with an extra room. Tenzing and I had the “regular” suite which was very comfortable, very plush and I was very excited to know it was our home for a night.

We began our celebration by going to the jacuzzi on the rooftop overlooking the ferry I was known to ride in my youth to the Emerald City from the remoter areas of the state I grew up in. There was a young man diving as much as one can in a hot tub and bopping around. I looked for his parents but wasn’t sure who his parents were. I asked him his name and he said, “Bobby.”

Bobby proceeded to tell me the reason for his stay by asking me my first question, “Do you like the Seahawks?” I said, “Sure I do!” He said, “Me too, even though I’m from Montana.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yes, I am with my relatives and we have been driving for hours to get here.” I said, “Wow, just to come to a Seahawks game tomorrow?” Seattle Seahawks vs. Chargers – Recap – September 26, 2010

He then proceeded to tell me about his cousin Kellen who he missed so very much. I later came to find out his name means: Pure. Bobby said he was 10 and Kellen was 9 years old. Kellen was unfortunately hit by a truck (witnessed by Bobby) and died in front of him. His mother saw her grief stricken son and wrote to the Seahawks, who was his favorite team. The Seahawks called Bobby back, giving him and his family an opportunity to come watch them practice on Saturday, meet the team, and go to the game on Sunday.

That was the complete version of TMI in my life (No! Not: Too Much Information!) but as someone once explained it to me, “I was Touched, Moved and Inspired!”

Bobby introduced me to his family and showed me a plastic wristband that had the words inscribed: Wish you were here Kellen.

I wanted to acknowledge what a grand act of kindness was bestowed upon Bobby and his family, and though it will never return their beloved and pure Kellen…it was an example of how the Seahawks are a winning team.

After I wrote this last night, Bobby’s mother responded:

I think it is so great that you are taking the time to tell this story.
We miss Kellen everyday and will never forget
what the Seahawks organization did for my son and our family.
With the permission I received back from his mother, I will call Bobby tonight and find out more about his time with the Seahawks.
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