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Updates for the family…

December 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

We miss you all! Things are going great. We arrived at my grandpa’s home in Tucson on Monday and went to the pool until they returned home. Then we all went out for Mexican dinner. The next day we spent time talking and took these pictures.

Then we drove to to Phoenix, where I was able to meet my academic counselor from the University of Phoenix, main campus and thank her for helping me successfully complete my degree (Bachelor of Science, Business Management).

We ate lunch at the cafeteria, they had a 5 star restaurant chef running the kitchen so the food was great.

We then started our travels to Vegas…..oh by the way, Uncle Joe came with us….Heather’s grandpa actually gave him his own chair while visiting!

Our next destination was to meet our next friend who just recently got a job on Route 66. He is the friend that took us on the sailing trip. He said he had a great Mexican restaurant to take us to, so we agreed!

Here are some pictures from the drive between Phoenix and kingman, Arizona.

We arrived at Uncle Greg & Aunt Jill’s…they bought a beautiful new home in Las Vegas. We love our guest rooms, and you have to see their cats…Miramar & Felipe…they have 7 toes!

We have been playing poker every night in a tournament. Your dad won one … but everyone has been playing a pretty decent poker game here…

We went to one of your dad’s other friends that he use to work with…when he made poker video games. Avery has two twin boys over a year old named Zinn & Zandabar.

Avery had an idea … we all meet at the Pink Taco…a Mexican restaurant! We were in!

Now we are going to bed as early as possible. Uncle Joe needs to make it back to San Diego for the Chargers game, and we need to see Maggie to help her work on publishing her new book….

details to come….

We love you and miss you … see you soon!


This one is for Marcia…recognize this?

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