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This One’s For The Kids

December 12, 2010

Hey all…we love you and miss you so very much. We want you to share in our road trip so here is a few pictures of the journey.

We went to “Uncle Craig’s” new home! He had a wonderful Christmas party where we saw friends, and everyone was healthy and happy. We love success stories!

This is “Uncle Dano,” he loves the dinning room table at “Uncle Craig’s” house!

This is Heather’s favorite car in the whole wide world. Craig said he would offer her first when he was ready to sell it. Oooh…la…la…Craig takes really good care of his things!

There was a lot of great food brought from each friend for the Christmas party!

Then the next morning…your dad is so smart…he taught all of us games!

It was off to our friend’s home…that had a guest house for us to stay in…that was bigger than our home! Which of course, isn’t that hard to do…but we enjoyed every minute of their friendship and hospitality.


We are now back at “Uncle Craig’s and will update you when we get to  Heather’s Grandpa’s house!

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