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The Sailboat

November 16, 2010

About a week ago … Tenzing and I were discussing the possibilities if the Law of Attraction was true. Well as any good experiment, Tenzing said, “We must think of something abnormal. Like a fire hydrant bursting water.” Then we realized someone probably had to have hit the fire hydrant with a car …. so decided … not a good idea.

Then Tenzing said, “Let’s focus on a sailboat. We will need to have a small sailboat, that can get under the bridge from where we live. Because you see the bridge over the passageway to the bay, we all had to duck when we went out crabbing with Nate… even the girls.

We agreed … a sailboat it was!

Tenzing is like a night guard when I sleep. If he hears me moan or panic in my dreams he wakes me up and says, “What were you dreaming about?” This particular night I was scared because a big boat was coming at us and about to hit us in the little boat but stopped just in time, although our boat was swinging us out to sea by the wake of the large boat and I felt like we were about to fall into the ocean.” Tenzing woke me up and I tell him what I was dreaming. Then I go back to sleep. I dream that Tenzing owns this big boat, a 42 foot wooden sailboat and we were happy. I say, “We bought the same sailboat that are friend Mike has!” I get up in the morning and tell Tenzing about the good dream I have.

Next I’m driving the girls to school one morning and Kelly said, “Look a sailboat!” I got the phone out and dialed home, “Tell your father.” Kelly says, “Daddy, I saw a sailboat with cloth, the kind you would wipe your face with.” She hangs up the phone and I continue on with the day.

I go back home to get Tenzing and we have a meeting in town with our friend James. We are hungry for the second time that day and decide to go to the food co-op for lunch. All of a sudden I see Mike! You see, we went sailing with Mike in September around the San Juan Islands on his beautiful wooden sailboat. One night when we were trying to dock to a buoy, Mike was gunning the bow thrusters, Tenzing was trying to hold on to the buoy for dear life, I’m watching him running down the deck holding the boat hook trying to get if loose, and to no avail it is pulled out of his hands. Our friend Jeff is down in Zodiac dingy trying to help us….we were all calling out different instructions …. Captain Mike was understandably frustrated.

I look at the boat hook hanging on for dear life to the buoy, and then Tenzing opens his palm and shows me the cap to the boat hook is still in his hand! We look back to the buoy and the boat hook was officially gone. Water filled up in the tube and we lost it.

This boat is special ordered from Sweden. To replace this boat hook was at least 100 dollars, not to mention shipping a long boat hook.

Mike agreed that we could look around locally to replace it.

We looked around to a few places but all the boat hooks in the area were not up to par to match Mike’s beautiful yacht.

Fast forward, we are at the co-op…there is Mike in line!

We immediately approach him about knowing we owe him for this boat hook. He invites us to eat lunch with him. He talks about an idea he had to make a boat hook that would fit his boat for $25.00 – $35.00. I happened to have taken $50.00 cash back when buying lunch. I handed him $40.00 and said, “Will this cover it?” He said, “Yes.” Shook my hand and said, “This matter is officially settled.”

Tenzing doesn’t think this is a slam dunk case of the power of the Law of Attraction. I on the other hand do, the lesson just didn’t appear in the way we may have been expecting.

1. We settled a debt we owed.

2. I dreamed about the sailboat (only Tenzing owned it), but could be interpreted as owning up to our part of that trip.

3. We wanted to buy a little sailboat in our test, but what we did was handle an issue we personally had with a friend with a sailboat.

4. This happened days later after creating this little test.

5. We ran into Mike at the food co-op in Washington State. He lives in Las Vegas!

Whatever that lesson is, we are all looking forward to seeing each other again and going sailing!

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  1. daniel dufour permalink
    March 9, 2011 7:38 pm

    me think your conclusion is right:
    the lesson just didn’t appear in the way we may have been expecting.


    from Red Elk Speaks

    I tell you true: you GET what you EXPECT!


    Accountability and the Law of Attraction:
    To be accountable is to
    think and live by the credo: “I attract that which happens to me.”
    (from: Lessons of Enlightenment By Cosmic Awareness)

    p.s.: for boat lover:

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