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The New Super Treasure Hunt Is Here!

November 12, 2010

We just launched the new Super Treasure Hunt, a mind stimulating treasure hunt game, ideal for birthday parties and all family events.

This has been a long time in the making. Tenzing created this game on behalf of the love of his son Grayson for his 8 years old birthday party. He is super proud of this game and has worked very hard to make the new website and game the best fun for kids ages 8 and up! This is in Tenzing’s own words:

I am the proud father of three great children and very much enjoying the adventure of life. Professionally, I am a game and website designer and developer (see

I originally invented the Super Treasure Hunt game for my son, Grayson’s 8th birthday party. It was created without the help of any computer program, other than a word processor. Each individual clue or hieroglyph was cut out, and carefully sorted for placement in the correct secret location or lockbox. It took a long time, and I finished as guests were arriving. I stealthily hid the clues, without anyone seeing.

It was a big success, and the game was requested the following year. This time I wrote some computer code to assist in creating the game. At that party, my father suggested I build it into a website, for everyone to enjoy. A few years later, when my first daughter, McKenna was six months old, I worked many late nights until it was accomplished.

That original website is history now. Our website development firm, TKWeb, was born soon after that site. The ability to create more beautiful websites followed.

Welcome to the new, one of my proudest achievements. Enjoy.

Don’t take our word for it though … read what others had to say!

I had to write you and tell you how awesome the game was… Brilliant! – The most memorable birthday party ever. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!
Kathy Miller
United States, Georgia, Atlanta
It reminded me a lot of the treasure hunts we would go on as kids, but the code breaking made it much more fun. Thanks. I will spread the word.
Kell O’Doherty
Ireland, Cork, Home
The best birthday party ever. All the kids worked together and solved the puzzles. My highest recommendation!
Carmen Free
United States, Washington, Arlington
Besides the fun, the game was a great exercise in creative problem solving, teamwork and ‘thinking outside the box. 

Ten thumbs up!

Ola lessard
United States, New Hampshire, Londonderry
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