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The Community Auction

November 6, 2010

Tenzing and I went to the Community Club in our town to meet our neighbors and support the club. We realized we should have donated something, but vowed to do that next year. I really didn’t know this was going to be so much fun. It started with a silent auction where we walked through tables and wrote down our Auction Number and what we were willing to pay for an item.

We bid on these items:

Utensil organizer: $6.00

Spice Rack: $4.00

Air Mattress with electric pump: $5.00

Very easy round puzzle of animals for the girls with 360 pieces: $6.00 then got in a bidding war up to $8.00

Sinus Rinse: $5.00 and then in a bidding war up to $7.00 but let the other guy have it for $8.00

We won everything but the Sinus Rinse.

Tenzing bought $12.00 in raffle tickets and we didn’t win but we were off by one number for one of the prizes. Our neighbors and new found friends who own the Rhody Cafe won the coolest gift basket though. They also donated several gift certificates  worth $50.00 and each was purchased for up to $90.00. The future patrons don’t know this yet but they were so pleased they said they were going to hook them up and give them a free bottle of wine when they come in to use it! I love it!

When we were walking around I didn’t see anything I really wanted to purchase in the live auction but I did see this painting and I wished I could afford to bid on it.

I asked Tenzing if he liked it and he said it would go great in the poker room when we build our new house. I agreed wholeheartedly! Ah but alas, things were bidding high and there were many people in the community doing their best to raise a lot of money for the center which was awesome. We noticed the local business owners not only contributed but was generous in making sure that items were being raised to proper value and purchased. It was fun. The auctioneer was a real one too! He did this professionally.

Well, the painting came up at the end of the night and Tenzing taps me and says, “Hey, it’s only $10.00 … bid…” Then he said to the owner of the Rhody, “Hey you could buy that for the frame for the print you bought earlier!” So she bids, but see’s I bid, and it seemed like the auctioneer was being a gentleman when he saw she changed her mind, and I really wanted it. The lady in the kitchen who was donating all the time and effort to feed everyone was applauded for her work and it turned out it was her donation. I won the bid for $15.00!!!!

Tenzing bought Molly and the girls an air purifier with two filters (really great one too) for $10.00

I went up and thanked her and told her I absolutely loved it and really appreciated it. She said her husband was out of town but when she called and asked if she could donate it he said yes. She said, “I’m really glad it’s going to a good home.”

I read the print and it was #13 out of a series of #350 prints. I actually found another print on line from that series, but I’m not sure which number this person’s print is. I guess I’ll inquire and find out.

It turns out … this piece on line is ….

Price: $495.00

Ray Swanson – Bustin for Beans Biscuits and Beef

My friend from the Rhody passed me by and said, “Great score.”

In the end we also donated to build the community center a blog/website and host it for free. Really cool to be a part of such a fabulous community!

In the end our tally (including the wine, soda and coffee we purchased) came to $56.00.

I’m glad we are donating our services to the Community Center since our contribution versus the things we won was so tipped in our favor … that was really a fun night.

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