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End of day re-cap in Iran

November 4, 2010

For the first time while I have covered a protest event, I must be honest….I fell asleep too long. I’m just waking up and saw some messages sent to me, greetings from ol’ Twitter friends welcoming me back to the cause.

This time though, the news has not been easily available. My sense is that the regime has really kept the protests to a minimum. I’m going to have to go on a news hunt. Be back shortly.

The first thing I found was:

خس و خاشاک dustandtrash

I have no access to almost all green websites & Student websites; Cannot open them #IranElection

During these events is a great time for human rights issues to be discussed:

Amnesty urges Iran to free stoning case detainees

Iran Feature: Revolutionary Guards Speak Out Against Ahmadinejad (Theodoulou)

feri irani MiddleEastTimes

Official: Yemen bomb disarmed 17 minutes before set off to go (AP) #IranElection #Yemen #US #News

Here is some pictures … finally I found something

Protest pictures from 13Aban

Due to Uranium enrichment talks … Britain is getting the “villain” treatment from Iran even though 13Aban marks the take over of the U.S. Embassy. The Latest from Iran (4 November): What Will Happen on an Anniversary?

Other Live Blogs running now

Heute ist “13 Aban” Live-Blog …

In Persian by Rahesabz

This is my last Tweet thought….

Living Documents livingdocuments

I’m re-capping what has transpired in #Iran on #13Aban Information seems to be not forthcoming, too much shut down.

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  1. November 5, 2010 3:55 am

    IRG, IRGC and SL are so powerful. They controlling the people by fear. fear for intimidation,fear for arrests, fear for torture, fear for executions. Its difficult to get millions of people in the streets again.

    Also there’s a lack of Green Democratic leadership. Mousavi and Karoubi can not bring Democracy, they are only reformists.

    But at the moment there’s a lot of tense. Its like a ticking time bomb.
    It can be one only thing who put the flame into revolution. A assassination. New law. A execution of political prisoner. It can be anything.

    But then it will be chaos. Because there is no organization. No green leadership. It will be the wild west.

    • November 5, 2010 11:49 am

      Thank you so much for always making sure that I hear the harsh reality of the situation, whether or not I want to. I know finding peaceful resolutions is ideal …. keeping the information forthcoming will help the movement for human rights and freedom.

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