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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

Yesterday we went to the Uniting Creatives Shawn Gallaway taping. It was an experiential lesson of moving from fear to joy and vitality as taught through Shawn singing his inspiring music while sharing his story of personal growth and empowerment. Tenzing is building the website right now, so it’ll be transforming all the time. The founder believed it was important for us to attend so we would understand her vision.

Tenzing, Donna and I all drove in and attended the event. I filled up the car with food. As far as I considered this event, it was a professional taping on a set for a DVD to be released. The audience members and crew was going to be hungry! Since I was a gorilla filmmaker, I learned how important it is when you are asking someone to do something for free to feed them!

Tenzing discussed with me that food grounds you though, so if they are going through a spiritual journey, the food might hinder their experience. I agreed that could be true, but it also was being taped and people need to have the choice to make … because if they are uncomfortable or become irritable, that will too be picked up on film!

I also think it is very important when discussing issues of choosing love and uplifting others in the world, we have to start with ourselves and take care of the community that we share around us. I stayed downstairs while the taping happened and chopped and prepared the food with love. I think when you make food for others like that, it even tastes better!

Anyway, I was available behind the scenes and watched the final half of the concert with everyone else, especially Tenzing who was squeezing love into my hand. Tenzing had beaten Lymphoma cancer 10 years ago, and said every time he meets up with Shawn Gallaway he is more impressed. He said that he didn’t learn anything that he didn’t already know from his success he had 10 years ago to get in tune with his own body and purpose in life. Tenzing is perfect, whole and complete just the way he is. I like to go to Landmark or listen to others that I want to emulate in life, but Tenzing is absolutely not allowed to do this. I say that because one time he picked up my Eckhart Tolle book, “A New Earth” and he found out how other people think, and it made him start to behave that way! I said, “Put that book down now!” What our client didn’t understand was every time Tenzing came around these conversations, it actually had the opposite effect on him than what was intended! He is so happy go lucky, but after listening to this stuff for hours on end, he becomes really annoyed, short tempered and unhappy….just downright miserable. I have to be very patient with him until he snaps out of it and pretty much just leave him alone. Talking about his feelings is the last thing that will work in that situation! My role then is to be very supportive.

So I asked, “What do you want to do on this Halloween weekend, Saturday night, you choose.” He said, “Heather, there are some friends I have that right now is watching football, drinking a bunch of cheap beer, has their problems and don’t care to fix them…and absolutely knows nothing about The Law of Attraction. I just want to be normal, and hang out with them tonight.” I said, “Sounds great to me!”

We hopped in the car and I was off to meet some friend’s of Tenzing I had only met briefly before or not at all. There was a guy name Dave, Christy, Joe, Tom and Linda. I learned to play Liars Dice and had the best time! I thanked them so much for having us on this holiday weekend and opening up their home for us to stay. Fun, fun, and more fun. Just so much fun.

I woke up in the most comfortable bed, with Tenzing’s arms wrapped all around me. He said, “Would you be mad at me if I loved you twice as much today as I did yesterday?” I said, “Not at all….” He said, “Good, because it’s true.”

Every minute, and every thing we do together just exudes happiness ….. it’s our natural state of being. No one else can teach us that …. it’s our destiny to be happy and live a life we love.

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