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Our first family pet …. Shadow

October 27, 2010

I’ve mentioned this cat named Shadow before. I told Tenzing, “What if we move … can we take Shadow?” Tenzing replied, “I don’t know we would have to ask all the neighbors.”

We went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Rhododendron Café “Where Northwest & Ethnic Foods Meet”…the one where we always wonder if we are eating in a foreign country because the food is so profoundly different than your average dishes, fresh and delicious! For the first time in our patronage, we finally are greeted and seated by our neighbor Carol …. who is the official “owner” of the local cat I love …  Shadow!

Tenzing had fed me some bread and the restaurant owner beamed in delight, “Oh he even feeds you!” Tenzing laughs and responds, “It’s amazing the accolades one can get for giving someone a crumb of bread!”

That is our purpose in life … an example of a loving, caring and supportive happy couple.  Now is my chance!

I ask her about Shadow….

She tells me a story of how Shadow was a dumpster diver at her restaurant. Shadow had a pregnancy and a litter of kittens, which in itself was it’s own ordeal. She took Shadow home and she was pregnant again! Now taking in Shadow had lead to some vet bills. One of the ladies who use to live in the house below us asked to have her. She said, “Sure.” Then one day one of the other roommates friend’s had a dog come by who ate the top of Shadows tail. There was threats of people suing each other. This roommate tried to return the cat to the neighbor because of the vet bills! Everyone in the home below us had eventually moved out and Shadow returned to the neighbors to hang out …. until Tenzing moved in.

Tenzing’s girls loved Shadow and would go over to the neighbors home to get her and bring her here to play. We had used this as an opportunity to tell the girls you shouldn’t just go on people’s property when they are not home. Ironically, there was a cat Shadow that lived nearby their mom’s house too.

I decided to buy cat food and taught the girls how to shake the bag to convince Shadow to come visit us, so we wouldn’t have to trespass to get her. It worked the first day on the first try! Who knows? The Shadow knows!

As things evolved, Shadow has now come in to sleep with us at night, and during the day. We leave the Murphy bed down for her most days. There is a lot of cats around here. The new roommate has this gorgeous cat Winston, who has fallen head over heels for Shadow. She’ll have none of it.

Then there’s the big fat cat from up the hill who comes down to hang out with all of the homes in the area. His owner is out a lot. Andy came over yesterday and had a meal. Shadow was growling at him. Andy is cocky though and he went on the bed with Tenzing and I when we were taking a nap.

I looked over and said, “Tenzing, Andy is taking a bath.” Tenzing yells, “Hey no baths on the bed! This is Shadow’s house!”

So thank you neighbor for the gift of Shadow, but I agree as was said by you today, “You can own her, as much as anyone can ‘Own’ a cat!”

Tenzing looked at me as we sat side by side at the restaurant table, “That means we are responsible now for the vet bills.” I said, “Oh yeah, I understand that.”

We enjoyed the rest of our meal and spoke with her and her husband about how much we loved the community and getting together sometime for bar-b-q’s or create our own book club.  I told her after Tenzing paid the bill, “I’m not going to write anything on the back of this paper because I have written you many wonderful things the other times I have came.” She said, “Yes I believe it is right here on this wall …. oh no … it isn’t … we have you on our celebrity wall.”

Tenzing and I left happy and laughing all the way home …. and as soon as we could …. we informed Shadow of the great news!

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