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He won!

October 27, 2010

I was picking up the girls from school yesterday when I received a call. It was one of Tenzing’s buddies asking what time the poker game started. I remember that game … it is juicy. I lost a lot of money learning how to play it one night. I chalked it up as doing research for a poker show I want to make with Tenzing. We are going to launch a really cool “television” type internet station.

I remembered we had a pretty big bill due and it was due today! When I called Tenzing he told me the information and we both agreed that he should go to the poker game and win $250.

I absolutely knew he was going to win and if he didn’t I would have money either way to pay the bill, but wouldn’t it be nice if the money could be created on demand as needed?

Tenzing gave me a big hug and kiss before he left and said, “I know, I’ll miss you too…” I hadn’t even said anything to him. In fact, I was being quite stoic before he said that. Then he put a lump in my throat and I was all choked up. It’s true, we don’t part from each other very often!

I had fun with my housemates below (we live in a smaller home above their big home). Then I went to bed.

He came home and woke me up … he said, “Oh yea, I was going to throw this at you …” and he throws at me $220 and there were groceries on the counter.

He did it! He won!

He told me, “I should have taken you…I could have bought you in after the first hand…”

I’ll never stay home alone on another poker night again!

Again … this reminds me of my new friend from Switzerland (The author of A Mystical Journey). After her visit she decided to join us here and is moving to Washington. This is what she wrote…

Tell you what, Heather, you are my inspiration – because you already did all of this: follow your heart, pack up your life and relocate. So courageous! And here you are, arrived and well and settled in… – I know, there’s always room for improvement, but you are physically there at least.


She is right again! I love having friends that prop you up and reflect all that you wish to be or becoming. So for now on, I will go with Tenzing to poker, so we can both win together. Then we can throw the money at each other on the bed and roll around in it and laugh. That sounds like a cheesy movie. Works for me!

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