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The Law Of Attraction

October 25, 2010

This is not just the latest fad in human development … but it sure seems like it. There is a lot of people out there discussing this concept, and working their way towards understanding it. It seems like every where I go and every one I am talking to is hot on this topic.

One thing is for sure … Tenzing and I have given in … this law has been in effect and seems to want us to finally acknowledge it.

So yesterday, we were given 5 CD’s on this subject to listen to by a person we met randomly at the coffee shop. We went home and listened to one while we cuddled in bed.

Then Tenzing was getting anxious and wanted to go out. He said, “Let’s go play poker tonight, we will win.” I decided to entertain this idea that we would win and agreed to go play.

I won first place, Tenzing came in second.

This reminds me something that my friend wrote to us after she returned to Switzerland….

Anyway: Knowing you and Tenzing was, is and will be a huuuuuge help in the process! So thank you very very much for all your support and for being a fabulous example of how happy and successful one can be on Earth. Both individually and as a couple – you guys rock, you are walking, talking inspirations!

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