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“Why you NEED Social Media” Event with Shawn Gallaway ‘Live’ Celebration!

October 21, 2010

Event description

If you are new to social media, just come and experience the freedom. Open your ears and eyes! If you are connected…bring your laptops and your phones and you can participate!

This event will help you unravel the mystery, address your fears and harness the power of the social media revolution!

We all know that social media is the future of communication in our world – yet many people feel hobbled or frazzled by it.

In this cutting edge interactive seminar, innovators and leaders in this fascinating new world will show you can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines.

Attendees can expect to…

Experience social media in motion as a community process.

You will be able to get your head around, what is social media and how has it changed our world? You will get a clear picture of how and why to use some of the greatest social media sites available today.

Then we will bring social media alive in a new way. A consortium of 12 independent speakers will combine their resources and knowledge of people, business and technology to put a collaborative project into motion for the benefit of our community.

Using Biznik, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Hootsuite and more, the organizers will take a fledgling project and launch it to demonstrate the power of social media to get things done.

Top reasons you should attend…

You will learn how and why different people approach and use social media to get different results.

You will discover your power to make a difference, and the power of people in community to create change.

You will get a clear roadmap for how to get started with a project of your own that you are passionate about.

You will learn why is available for you to use if you are up to healing our earth and bringing peace and vitality to the forefront of our creative potential.

You will have fun and enjoy networking with innovative industrious people. You will hear some live music from Shawn Gallaway’s soon to be released album Living Love…and much more!

Joy, the founder of will share her journey from fear of technology to a total embracing of it as a powerful collaborative tool for personal, economic, business and social change.

Then you will hear from people like Heather Dalberg and Tenzing Kernan –, Marcia Johnson –, Donna Davis – Political Strategist Daniel Kirkpatrick – Global Community Institute, Jason Kloster –, Amanda Younger – ACN Training Center, Red Elk – Medicine Man, Elfa Gisla – The Conway Muse; Shawn Gallaway, Singer-Songwriter; and James Bauckman – Revolutionary Productions as they discuss what opportunities social media offer and how they see free enterprise changing.

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