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October 8, 2010

I’m really excited about all of the new technology I have been learning and using lately. I will be running my blog live and while I do that I will have a high definition camera crew here live streaming my broadcast analysis and reporting of what is happening in Iran on November 4, 13 Aban. I created this live stream channel Iran Election SOG Live Stream and I need to start gathering video that I am ALLOWED to use from the sources. So anyone who has video that I can start airing TODAY please send it to me at

I have a new person coming in who is a grass roots campaign adviser and I will be sure to include her in the broadcast. We will be doing what I do when I run my blog live. We will be reporting on the other live blogs, Facebook and Twitter reports…compiling the information and reporting it as fast as it is coming in.

We also are going to be using Igor Monster – it is a website our programmer created that shows 80% of twitter images that are being posted in Real Time. We are going to put the technology on my Tweets Report website and program the site to only run live images of hashtags such as #iranelection #iran #13Aban #humanrights #sog #Tehran …. etc. That way we will also broadcast the images coming out of Iran in real time so people can see what is going on Visually on Twitter as it is happening!

What I need right now is footage and I can run ticker tape giving credit of who provided me the footage. I need any other suggestions and information that I am missing to make this a very powerful broadcast for the Sea of Green Movement.

Please email me …. I’m preparing for this now!

I have a few people I would love to work with … but will follow a group of people I have followed in the past when I run my blog live, and do the best I can to broadcast things as they are happening without any commentary, and objective reporting. It’s a new thing to practice in my life anyway. 🙂

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