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Samba Kara Ndiaye Official Statement On Peace Day

September 20, 2010

On this Day of International Peace, we will envision peace for every human being in every corner of the planet.  Attaining and maintaining peace is no small task. And right now in Senegal, I am working with people who grasp the gravity of the challenge before us to do just that.  We understand that, in the absence of clean water and whole healthy food, there is no peace. In the presence of child abuse, there is no peace. When mothers and wives are not safe in their own homes, there is no peace.  When children do not have the opportunity to receive a quality education there can be no peace.  In the presence of governmental corruption, there will never be peace or prosperity for any nations citizens.  It is my goal that together, we make every effort to achieve a new reality for the people of my country. This will pave the way for a new future for the continent and because we are all one people, we will indeed find ourselves on the path toward a renewed and peaceful world. Thank You for celebrating that future with me today on this International Day of Peace.

Samba Kara Ndiaye
As spoken on September 21, 2010
International Day of Peace


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