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Gratitude Videos Needed For Peace Day

September 15, 2010

Please send me your

15 – 30 second Gratitude Video

to air this Peace Day

send videos to me

I am arranging the content for the Peace In Our Lifetime Channel for Peace Day this September 21, 2010.

I am looking for you and every one you know to send me a video on what you are grateful for.

It doesn’t have to be more than 15 to 30 seconds.

It would be great whether or not you provide me a Gratitude Video that you at least download a Peace Certificate and get your own unique number at Peace Certificate. If you do create a Gratitude video, it would be wonderful if you showed your Peace Certificate in the video!

You basically answer these questions:

Who are you?

What are you grateful for?

Who are you grateful to?


What is the significant thing that this person/organization do that has a real impact on promoting peace in our lifetime.

For instance I would say,

“Hi, my name is Heather Dalberg and I am very grateful to the Altino Brothers, because they have been performing concerts in fund raising for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and was able to support the ability for charities to raise over $100,000 which provided food and shelter to 300,000 people in Haiti who were displaced by the earthquake.

Other ways of showing Gratitude is

Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation: Peace in Our Lifetime Initiative

invite you to join in a celebration:


to focus on all the good being created by people all across the globe.

On Peace Day 21st September

For all people actively creating PEACE everyday

For Nature, Humanity and the Environment

We are creating a place where humanity can shine.

On this International Day of Peace there is a ceasefire. We are raising awareness and celebrating the day when we as humanity lay down our weapons by conscious choice.

All organizations can stand as one this day in gratitude and thanks. This will shift people’s attention to the difference we’re all making, thus reigniting the spirit of contribution. People will have no doubt about the difference that funding and donations have accomplished. This will restore faith in the good work being done. With the knowledge it works, people will contribute more time and money because they can actually see measurable results

Charities, NGO’s, Social Enterprises, Businesses & Community Services can thank those who contribute:

• The generous contributors who fund the work

• Those on the ground making it happen who work day in and day out, who never get acknowledged and thanked. Sometimes in terribly difficult circumstances. Let us let them be known, and express our gratitude for their efforts.

How to thank them?

• Directly by newsletters, emails, blogs or through the media, highlighting the Good News about their achievements this year. In this way, the outcomes will be acknowledged and we will bring our attention to the peace that has, and is being created, not just on one day but every day.

• The Celebrities or people of note can create gratitude videos sharing the good news and thanking the people on the ground who create the peace. They can now be the voice thanking everyone, instead of asking for more. They can post them on our site or their own website and blog. Not forgetting they can tweet using #gratitude or #thanks tags as well as offering the free Peace Certificate.

Individuals, Friends and Families will be able to thank people who they care about in their lives and communities -This day is for everyone to be recognized and acknowledged.

• Those who have helped them at home, at work or at school and those who care for them

• The millions of people who are full time carers – this is their day

• Those who provided a service or contribution :

• Our Nurses, Doctors, Firemen, Teachers, Policemen, Lifeguards

• Our Community Services, Social Workers and Volunteer Networks

• Helplines and Social Networks,

• Our national services and those who serve within them

• The people who recycle, spend time working for nature and conservation

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