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9 days till Peace Day

September 12, 2010

Peace starts in our home. I find myself shocked while I find myself at the park swinging the girls and helping them learn to use the monkey bars. Kids are so amazing and have a whole world ahead of them to learn new things … actually we all do at any age.

One of the greatest things we can do for our loved ones is recognize when we are not being peaceful to others. Sometimes we are just jerks. It’s true! Living a life that fosters peace around us means that we must constantly examine our actions towards others.

I’m a little bitter at times still, you can read it in my posts. I’m being a jerk at times. I’m taking my love away from others and moving on with my life without looking back. I think about what it would mean to include all those that came before in my life. There are so many fascinating stories to discuss and share but maybe it’s best I just don’t know.

I was thinking about it, if I know every thing … does it change any thing?

Sometimes ignorance is bliss ….

I’m going to focus on peace with those around my living situation and maintain that possibility …. if the whole world did this – I think we could live in interesting times.

I always believed war was natural – now I believe it’s possible to only know peace.

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