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Men of Honor

September 11, 2010

When I left New Jersey, I took the only piece of furniture from my old home with me here. A 13 inch VCR combo TV.

In my first marriage, we were given 10,000 to decorate the home. I spent 9,400 in the bedroom which included a flat screen TV when they first came out. I did not buy this television. It was given to us from my ex’s mom before we were married and later given to me in my basement apartment so I could watch the news. I decided to take it with me because Tenzing didn’t watch TV, so he didn’t have one.

As luck would have it, I found out today that the couple in the other house on the property has 1,000 movies on VHS tapes. They gave me a bin and said, “Bring it back when you’re done to swap out for the next one.”

The first movie we picked out was “Men of Honor”. I looked it up to see how much of the story was true. Most of it was with some theatrical exaggerations.

But I found this quote in my research of Carl Brashear and I thought I would share it with you, because you see, Brashear was motivated by his beliefs that…..

It’s not a sin to get knocked down; it’s a sin to stay down


I ain’t going to let nobody steal my dream

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