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No No! Iran cancels plans to free US hiker

September 10, 2010

By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker

Posted 6 hours 21 minutes ago

Detained US hiker Sarah Shourd

Detained US hiker Sarah Shourd is pictured during the first reunion with her mother (not seen) since her arrest in the Iranian capital Tehran on May 20, 2010. (Atta Kenare)

Iran has reportedly cancelled plans to release an American woman who has been imprisoned in Tehran for more than a year.

Iranian authorities had invited the media to a Tehran palace this morning to witness the release of 31-year-old Sarah Shourd.

Ms Shourd is one of three American hikers who were arrested and detained 13 months ago when they had crossed the Iranian border illegally from Iraq.

But now Iran’s ILNA news agency is reporting the release has been cancelled due to unresolved legal issues.

The agency quotes Tehran’s public prosecutor saying her release has been ruled out because the judicial process has not been fulfilled in her case.

Ms Shourd’s mother has said her daughter was kept in solitary confinement and has had serious health issues including depression and a lump in her breast.

But Ms Shourd has been denied medical treatment.

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