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I’ve been put on blog restriction….

September 3, 2010

Tenzing runs the show in our home. He told me I can’t do anything but work on Peace Day….except of course ….sleep! I was so exhausted I stayed asleep since we have returned. I literally slept away yesterday!

It’s also funny having a Medicine Man as a friend. I received this email from him … I would say coincidentally, but obviously not.

Sister…u r OVER “STRETCHED”.  Facing “burn out”.

U no longer reply to my E mails / etc..  OVER WORKED!  I don’t want u “disappearing” again…so u must LIGHTEN UR LOAD.
The 3 books r the main concern.  The BIG one / Children’s book / All Lessons Compiled into one, one.
REST, sis.  TAKE TIME OFF.  Aho?   LOVE YOU BOTH.   re

I wrote back to Red Elk, we are going on a sailing trip in which I am completing editing his main book …. that’s next ….
oh yeah, after I do my “What’s So” for Peace Day today.
On that note …..I gotta go …. not supposed to be blogging remember!

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