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Rock Solomon’s “Starving Artist Tour” Kicks off at Burning Man

August 27, 2010

We caught up with Rock Solomon on the Seattle streets and asked him
about the upcoming tour.  "We're calling it the 'Starving Artist Tour'
because we don't have solid plans, we're just making it up as we go
along. Burning Man asked us to play at Center camp this year, and so
we thought that we might as well kick the tour off there.  Were it
brings us next, we have yet to find out. Our tour plans are
spontaneous and our budget is whatever we make along the way."

What about promotion? How will people know where you play if
you don't even know yet? "Information travels fast these days. We're
streaming our shows from Center Camp at Burning Man, and letting
everyone tune in live from around the world.  It should be a lot of
fun, as we are performing shortly after the man burn on Saturday night
at the center of the entire festival.  We keep a current listing of
upcoming shows on the website too. Rock Solomon Calendar

When asked about the music style, he simply says, "It's
mellow-sexy-good. That's the best description we can come up with.
We're open minded though. The whole album streams free with a single
click on . You're welcome to tell us what genre
you think it is. We're stumped."

Can people buy the record there?  "The album is sold through
donation only. We think it's fair for everyone that way. It just feels
better to let people contribute what they can, and be happy with it.
We would be playing our music regardless, so why set limits on who can
have it? We give away free love advice on the site too.

"He winks and smiles, but I know he's not kidding. We share a few
pleasantries, and then he heads on down the street on a rare, sunny
day in Seattle.

Rock Solomon performs Burning Man this next week, and will be taking
the ongoing tour all over the USA this fall. To watch the live
streams, sign up on or watch the facebook page for
updates Rock Solomon Facebook
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