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The Cheese Factor

August 22, 2010


I was telling Tenzing that I had another cheesy post coming on that I had to write. He decided I needed new categories on my blog. I needed a rating system.

This blog was created out of a mindset of me against the world, but now that Tenzing is in my life, it is us, all of us in the world, in this together and look even now … I’m getting cheesy again. I never wrote like this before, always writing something so mushy.

Here are the new categories and tags to avoid. You’ll know I’ve been off the deep end again.


Daily Cheese


Cheese Factor One: This post will have a mild cheddar cheese or provolone flavor to the writing. Tenzing’s name may be mentioned one time in it.

Cheese Factor Two: This is like melted  Monteray Jack but not Pepper Jack.

Cheese Factor Three: Do you like smoked Gouda but not over-ripped Blue Cheese? Cheese Factor Three may be just the post for your pallet.

Cheese Factor Four: Have you ever bitten into an ordinary sandwich, only to be surprised by aged white cheddar …. and liked it? This is post is for you!

Cheese Factor Five: We’re eating Fondue together baby. Skip the bread, bring a spoon!

The cheesier the post is the higher the number!

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