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All I want is Peace

August 22, 2010

Last night Tenzing was standing over my computer. He said, “I’m being nosy, I want to know what you wrote.” I said, “Read it!”

You see, we keep no secrets from each other. Even if it is difficult to be honest, we make sure to share what’s going on inside our heads.

I was doing my Landmark homework. I was communicating with the Self Expression Leadership Group. This is what he read:

“All I want is peace, Tenzing.” I said to him before I agreed to leave
New Jersey and move back home to Washington. Tenzing’s reply, “And
peace you shall have.”

It was six weeks later that I looked up at the door to the outside and
I’ll be damn if there isn’t a license plate above the door and written
on it is the words, “PEACE”. I run outside, and yes there is a license
plate on the left of the home that reads, “PEACE”.

I look up at the 9 small flags streaming across the door from left to
write, each is a different flag that says in all different languages
or symbols, “Peace on Earth”.

I went down to the other house and above the door it read, “Life
Repair Center.”

OMG…I actually manifested Peace!

I was thinking another funny thing happened while I was working on
creating my division in Tenzing’s company … I ended up volunteering
for Peace Day….quite by accident.

Now it is this really huge event with the potential of 173 million
participants on-line to celebrate.

I am in charge of a lot of the infrastructure to this event. So if you
would like to send me a .flv, .mov, mpeg, etc. then I can put it up on
a website that is live now and preparing to join forces with
among others.

Basically, if you want to give me a video about who you are, your
business, your project, your charity…the video is about the
extraordinary people in the world, who they are, their voice for
peace, and what it is that they do to facilitate peace in this world.

You could also get a Peace Certificate # and use that # in the video.
It will probably put you higher up because it is an easy tracking
method for us and cross promotes other campaigns going on.

If you know any musicians who would like to perform a song about Peace
and has the technical support to Livestream from their living room,
studio, bar, or whatever … then let me know because we are booking
people all over the world to Livestream into on
September 21, 2010.

Peace Day is an internationally recognized holiday, and sanctioned by
the U.N. Last year the Taliban ceased fire to lay down their weapons
so the UN and Red Cross and humanitarian efforts could be made to
bring much needed medical attention to war torn areas in Afghanistan.

There is a lot of material online if you just look it up.

This is a great opportunity to reach the world community of like-
minded souls and I welcome you to feel free to participate.

Check this out on ways you could prepare video content for this site too! You can contact me at or Marcia Johnson.Go to this link and it will be self-evident how you should prepare your content.

Gratitude Videos


PS: I guess Tenzing was right again! I am overwhelmed with Peace!

Today, from nothing we are the possibility of Peace.


By the way …. I asked Tenzing if he liked what he read….and he nodded yes.

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  1. August 22, 2010 2:31 pm

    Awesome. You seem like a wonderful fit together. I’ve known Tenz a few years now, mostly at the poker table. Glad we met and very glad we’re all a part of peace day. Look forward to it. I have a couple of videos on my page of my son Noah who is “downs”. Very peaceful. You are welcome to use them. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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