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The One Event Facebook Change Notice!

August 13, 2010

September 9 · 9:00am – 10:00am

Location … an online collective experience

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9-9 2010 @ 9 AM N.Z. Time is 100,000 Soul Gathering online…
Imagine the awesome power of 100,000 Soul Gathering online to share a collective experience. Together we can utilize global communication by focusing our collective power to shift the old paradigm into the new soul reality before 2012. The 2012 Event Horizon is our last opportunity to collectively Wake Up the World. We are a community of 100,000 so……uls networking online, Twitter and Facebook with friends and family to co-create the 10,000 Souls Gathering online on 9-9 2010. More information @

These upcoming events begin the global process of gathering one million souls and then one billion souls online by 11-11-11.

9-9 2010 is the third event with ten thousand inviting 100 Thousand souls to gather online.

10 10 2010 is the forth event with One Million Souls connecting to launch can Wake Up the World by collectively connecting in the NOW to create a global energy field with one billion people. Together we can shift into a new paradigm by using the 2012 Shift Event as a catalyst for collective change. Let’s co-create an enlightened way to live on Earth.

Join 100,000 Souls Gathering online on 9-9 2010 at 9AM to 10AM New Zealand time for a 60 minute blog radio show hosted in America. We are currently inviting radio stations worldwide to interview john francis about The One Event project. They will be discussing how one billion souls can influence the final outcome of the 2012 Event Horizon and the Ancient Arrowhead Message for the masses. Participate in the collective experience with 10,000 Souls on 9-9 2010 …GO TO:

Anything is possible when we use the pure intent of love.
We are

The Ancient Arrowhead Message #3 shared with 100,000 Souls on the 9-9 2010 online Event.

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