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The Vice President of NADEMS introduces me to Mr. Mbacke

August 12, 2010

Hello Heather,

The President just told me about the little conversation you just had.
I think that to understand who Mr Mbacke is, one has to take a microscopic
look at the political and social and economic scene in Senegal.
Mr Mbacke was recently petitioning and encouraging all citizens of from all
walks of life to join the Coalition of the Century or the Party for the Truth.
That is to say that for those who are politicians or who are political,they
could join the Party for the Truth and those who are apolitical can certainly join
The Coalition of the Century, which has more of a socio-economic agenda.
He’s reaching out to each and everyone he can.

Mr Mbacke is not a politician, but he’s a student of politcs.
He’s a mainly Spiritual Leader who contemplated the degradation and miserable
Socio-Political and Economic situation of Senegal long enough before he decided
to initiate the two above mentioned movements, he took it upon himself
as any one responsible citizen of any country on the face of this planet should.
And from what I understand, this started out in 1996.
And the President was the from day one.

I’m giving you this little history just to bring up one point which is:
Mr Mbacke is a heavyweight on the Social scene in Senegal.
Most if not all the politicians running for office will consult with him one way or
another, either out in the open or behind closed doors.
The same goes for business leaders in the private sector or in the government
or even in non-profit organizations, because they know the programs that Mr Mbacke
are the solutions to our problems because they are based on African Realism.

I’m taking you back to the radio interview that the President did last month with your good
friend Marcia, he eloquently described the difficult conditions that Senegal is facing and
essentially said that we need to go back the basics and rule and govern ourselves with
a system based and founded on African Values.
And I personally think that the rest of the world will have more respect and recognition
for any one system based on its own value system.

So you see that both the Mr Mbacke and the President speak the same language,
which is to restore dignity in people and uplift their minds so they can be aware of their full
potentials, capabilities and possibilities so we can join the rest of humanity in the building
of this beautiful planetary civilization which America is the leading element.

As you know the President was a member (Vice-President) for the Party of the Truth before
creating NADEMS around July of 2009.
Mr Mbacke and Mr Ndiaye’s association goes back to around 18 years
and being the VIP he is in Senegal, he came to America to study a better way and strategy
on how to attack this finish line before we get to the 2012 elections.
I have a little anecdote about the two of them.
It has recently been noticed throughout Senegal that the youth (which is a large majority
of Mr Mbacke’s followers) has been putting writings on walls all over the country.
It says and I quote “Kara, the Candidate for the youth”, just like graffities you have in America.
So in the last two days or three Mr Mbacke has been asking for people to add
and I quote “Samba Kara, the Candidate for the youth”
It couldn’t be any clearer who Mr Mbacke is backing for the Presidency of Senegal in 2012.

I think that it would be a great opportunity if you could set up a radio interview in the next couple
of days or so for Mr Mbacke to better elaborate on his programs in conjunction with the President.

For more information on Mr Mbacke, visit

Kind Regards
Djeylani Diagne
NADEMS Vice-President

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