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Announcement From The President

August 12, 2010

Hello Heather,

The President just notified me of the arrival of

Cheikh Modou Kara Mbacke in New York  for a short stay.

Mr Mbacke is the founder of PVD (Parti de la verite) or Party for the Truth.

If you remember well I sent you the “Open Letter to the People of Senegal”

in which the President explained in short details the sense and the direction of

PVD and the Coalition of the Century in Senegal.

You also know that Mr. Mbacke made the President the International coordinator

for both the Party For the Truth and The Coalition of the Century (which are Mr Mbacke’s creations.)

This trip represents for Mr. Mbacke an opportunity to sit down and develop strategies on how to best tackle the issues at hand in Senegal.

They met today and has offered his support of our President of NADEMS. He is a spiritual leader and the youth of Senegal respect his decisions. He is now reaching out to the world to let others know of his support for Samba Kara Ndiaye and we are very humbled by his endorsement, but we agree too that Samba Kara Ndiaye is the right man for the job to be the next President of Senegal that will transform the country and Africa to be world players of human rights and freedom.

Thank you for your support as the U.S. Campaign Manager, and anything you need to assist your position please let me know. We are all working together on behalf of the people.


Djeylani Diagne

NADEMS Vice President

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