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Anything that helps Lynne – helps all of us!

August 1, 2010

From Lynne’s Facebook posting! BECAUSE little miracle worker as she is known, Angie Cussons who listened to me and made this possible with Robert Williams to have A FREE YEARs supply of these supplement critical to my health and well being have gifted to me by I…GENNUS Http:// who produce VegEPA ( ) ♥ Namaste ♥ Please watch and share – PROMOTE the work of The Kindness Offensive who have given Corporations the chance to make a ACT of Kindness worth millions to many people like me in tricky situations.. really.. without these .. I crash, loose my memory and along with a few other supplements help me have a better quality of life that is not possible without.. ♥ GRATITUDE ♥
THE KINDNESS OFFENSIVE.. get CORPORATIONS to give people what they need like me (and I am saying thank you in this clip) and make
ACTs of KINDNESS to people in difficult situations. THIS video is about IGENNUS who have DONATED ONE YEARs supple of VegEPA (omega 3 & 6) to me because of TKO.. Please share , spread this work and Encoura…ge MORE CORPs to GIVE MORE and make more ACTs of KINDNESS.. TKO have facilitated over $2million Dollars or £’s (can’t remember eek) of products for ordinary people who can not get what they need. For me this is serious in my wellbeing .. as I talk about in the response I will repost today .. LOVE YOU SHARE! please TIME for CORPORATIONs to SHOW they have a HEART! and many clearly they HAVE! I wish people to know about VegEPA too!

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