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I’m humbled by this shout out…

July 29, 2010

On this blog I do what I can as I find out information about things that allow me to share an untold story or two. I also focus on many things in the news and some random thoughts along the way. I have been pretty busy and haven’t checked my Twitter in apparently over a week or so. In social media that is a very long time. Much to my surprise I found this message to me and was floored, touched, moved and inspired to do even more!

Pvt Shutt Detachment PvtShuttDetach

@livingdocuments You’ve honored our military and The Pvt Shutt Detachment of Boston, forward a big OohRah, Semper FI

I am completely overwhelmed by this. For more information please visit The Pvt Shutt Detachment of Boston:

Twitter: @PvtShuttDetach and the

website: Pvt Charles J Shutt Detachment Marine Corps League 139

Thank you for serving.

Here is one of those untold stories:

Thank You For YOUR Service

Here is a very well told story and should be!

Marine Stuns a Tea Party with the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner!

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