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Meet the Vice-President of NADEMS

July 12, 2010

Well hello Heather!

It’s very nice to meet you and welcome to the team.
It’s been very hectic on my side these last few days.

The President asked me to forward the orientation
program for NADEMS which I attached to this email.
FYI, French & English versions included.

Now as far as his schedule, tour date, platform, and any other issues
What I can tell you is that the President is Planning on hitting
the Paris ground by October 1st, which will officially mark the beginning of
his European tour in an effort to consolidate the militant bases there.
The tour will include Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Switzerland,
Belgium,Italy, England, Luxembourg etc…
He intends to be in Senegal by December 20th at the latest.

Cordially Yours!

Djeylani Diagne
NADEMS Vice President

English Version: New Democratic Alliance of Senegal – NADEMS

French Version: Nouvelle Alliance Démocratique du Sénégal


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