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7 – 7: Gathering of 1000 Souls – Completed!

July 6, 2010

Worked all night, around the clock, had problems with UStream so cancelled that till we have more time to run tests. Marcia Johnson to the rescue – began her show at 7:00 a.m. New Zealand time! Yes, today says this post is July 6, but we are throwing the parties on New Zealand time, one day ahead of most of the rest of us in the world. That’s kind of the point, to have a place of critical mass start with the new day, new time. We need to make sure every one is on at the same time and led in a powerful place of meditation, prayer, for consciousness and enlightenment. Anyone who participated today at the same time – thank you for your commitment to the process. This is great, because we need practice and we need to work out the bugs. Find ways of harnessing the energy of every ONE and create reality together of a better world.

You can catch the show in Replay mode on The One Event

We’ll be counting down soon till the next one – 1000 x 10 now = next round 10,000 participants.

Thank you to so many amazing people who came to listen and get involved. Thank you every one! Since most people are confused about the date, I am watching the numbers of how many check out what is going on so I’ll check the stats again for a tally after 7/7 (my time and date) using Google Analytics.

Thank you Marcia with “Inspired by YOU – Planting the Seeds4Peace”! You really made this kickoff absolutely perfect!


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